The Musketeer Adventure

“Travelling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”
– Ibn Battuta 

If you’re an avid reader of my blog then you’ll know there are two girls in my life that I have huge admiration for and I don’t know how I survived my daily life before college without their daily support. College may be coming to a close, but our adventures are certainly only just beginning. Last year we went on our first holiday together (it took us long enough, right?) to Lisbon and ever since we’ve had three serious itches to explore more of the world together. Sadly I missed out on a trip to Prague with the two girls last winter because of my internship, so when we started back college in January we decided that there was no way we were finishing college without a Big Bang of an adventure. After many brainstorms, stalking of hundreds of travel bloggers and the ever-so-dreaded budget chat, we came to the idea of going Inter-railing across Europe.


Tomorrow, Monday the 22nd of May 2017, the three of us (and Laura’s boyfriend, who will probably want to kill us after the flight alone) will be hopping on a plane to Krakow and spending three weeks making our way across to Europe finishing off in my favourite city, Paris. Excited is an understatement, because we’ve been planning this trip for months. We’ll be starting in Poland, making our way uptown Berlin, following the heritage of Karl Lagerfeld in Hamburg, becoming a hipster in Amsterdam, searching for Colin Farrell in Burges, popping in on the capital of the EU; Brussels and finishing off by running through the paths of Disneyland like an excited child at Christmas. I haven’t packed yet (because as you know, I’m one of the most last-minute people you’ll ever meet) but I’ve counted all my playsuits, summer dresses, culottes, wide-leg pants and cute smock tops, and it turns out I’ve enough summer clothes to last me for two months without wearing the same thing twice. Everyone panics before they go on holidays about what they need to buy and what their wardrobe is missing, but me on the other hand? Well I adore summer clothes so much that thankfully I’ve never been afraid of purchasing them in the middle of winter and I’m a demon for minding them so they keep their mint condition. I’ll be packing Sunday and it’ll be impossible because I’ll find it annoyingly difficult to narrow down which playsuit is nicer than the other.

I’m telling you this because my blog and all of it’s social media accounts will be on hiatus as I won’t be posting on them, however I would love if you would join our adventures over on Instagram @TravelTrioo where we will each be posting one image a day, so you will get to see where we’ve been every day from three different perspectives. I’m sure you won’t find it too difficult to spot which images will be mine because there’s a high chance they’ll be the super posy ones, because you know I can never resist the chance to get in-front of the camera!

Don’t worry, I’ll be back in three weeks and you’ll be so (hopefully) overloaded with travel posts that you’ll have complexity forgotten I even went anywhere.

Ever-so Stylishly Yours,

   Hannah .x.


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