The Ultimate 2017 MET Gala Review

“For something to be beautiful it doesn’t have to be pretty.
-Rei Kawakubo

In order to have gotten a ticket to this years MET Gala you would’ve had to have either being cordially invited by the iconic Ms Wintour or fork out a simple $30,000 for just a fancy seat. It’s the most coveted ticket of the year within the Fashion Industry, and I can’t deny that it would be one of my dream jobs to work along the sidelines. I had quite low expectations of the red carpet this year as in recent years, well in particular last year, the theme is never fully understood and the majority of the stars play their cards a little too safe. However this years “Comme Des Garçons” theme (which I went though in yesterdays post) was embraced with such open arms this year that I genuinely couldn’t bring myself to go to sleep early incase I’d miss out on any extravagant ensembles. So this post is just a quick one showing you who were my favourites of the night, who I felt missed the theme a little and who should’ve missed the whole ball because of the awfulness of their wardrobe choice.
I promise I’ll be kind…ish.

Absolutely Nailed It!

The Queens of Red

A classical turn on an edgy theme, and it worked perfectly.

Beautiful Failures

They looked stunning, but just a little too safe for me!

Sack Your Bland Stylist

I don’t know who thought these looks would work for the MET Gala, let alone a Comme Des Garçons themed one.


Birthday Suit Overload

I’m all for women embracing their gorgeous figures, but there’s only so much skin one can handle and for me these looks were just a little toooo much.

Simply Horrific

Solange chose, what us Irish call a “laggan jacket”, Lupita chose a 1960’s rubber glove, Madonna looks like mutton dressed as lamb and well the Olsens, they just look homeless. Fabulous choices Ladies…


Lets Hear it for the Boys

We can’t go a full post without mentioning the Men who strutted the red carpet, especially the ever-so-handsome ones.


Overall Favourite of 2017

This years MET Gala 2017 crown goes to the model that I’m usually not a big fan of but this year I just cannot get enough of her Tommy Hilfiger couture creation. Yes you’ve guessed it, Ms Gigi Hadid.

See you on the First Monday in May next year, over on Twitter I hope…

Ever-so Stylishly Yours,

Hannah .x.


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