Haven’t I MET you before?

“If you can’t be better than your competition, then just dress better.”
– Anna Wintour 

On the night of the first Monday of the month of May, New York City becomes a fashion frenzy due to all the well-known celebrities that are expected to hit the red carpet of the Metropolitan Museum in fifth avenue. This is what’s known as the iconic MET GALA, the most fashionable event of the entire year that almost every European fashionista stays up until 2am in the morning to await the photos of who’s wearing what designer. Tomorrow, it’ll certainly be no different and I can guarantee that my friend Orla and I will spend hours beyond midnight overloading each other’s Facebook messages with photos we found on Twitter under whatever MET GALA hashtag we’ll be stalking.


In recent years the themes have varied between inspirations, from Far East culture to the latest technology and even by iconic designers, so this year the theme is similar in inspiration but if done correctly, the red carpet should look like a chaotic extravaganza. The inspiration is a 74 year old fashion designer who has created incredibly crazy pieces, commonly inspired by her Japanese culture and is considered one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. Her past collections have always challenged the publics idea of various topical things such as gender, beauty and even identity so I think, if styled right, stars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and even Cara Delevingne should nail this trend because they’re never afraid to be extra OTT with their fashion choices.


When the year is announced every year, it either results in excitement or confusion. Last year it definitely had thousands of fans confused but at the same time, we all expected an overload of metallic fabrics to flood the red carpet. Whereas the year before the expectations were high of vibrant reds, intricate patterns and lots of floral, which was what happened. However nothing frustrates me more when stars get it wrong because most of them have thousands of dollars to spend on whoever they want, and have dozens of designers fighting for them to wear an item from their latest collection, so how can they get it wrong? As you’ll see below, some stars never seem to get the theme right…

Punk: Chaos to Couture (2013)

This year didn’t frustrate me that the stars got it wrong, it’s more that it annoyed me on how they could miss up the opportunity to wear an over-the-top punky, grungey gown?They can wear glamorous couture gowns to any red carpet event, but it’s not often that they get the opportunity to add a little more attitude to their look.


China : Through The Looking Glass (2015)

Why would you adorn yourself in feather and wear a slinky gown, when you could embrace vibrant colours, intricate lace or floral fantasies? No matter how many stars walked the red carpet this year, nobody disappointed be more than Beyoncé. Don’t get me wrong, she looked incredible but she should’ve worn that dress to the Grammys not the MET GALA. Obviously there were many more bland, off-point ensembles but personally she was the top of my worst-dressed list. Sorry Bey!!!



Manus x Machina (2016)

I think they should’ve just called these theme “Metallica” because that was the best way to describe the 2016 MET GALA red carpet, unless your Claire Danes who nailed it more than anyone has ever nailed it before. However for some reason there were still women that just missed the boat completely and looked more like Alice in Wonderland than A.I. Don’t get me wrong, they still looked incredible but just didn’t seem to embrace the trend as well as we all know they could’ve, they just played their cards a little to safe & delicate.


Now we just have to sit and wait patiently until tomorrow nights big unveil, and get a good nights sleep tonight before the short one I’m going to have tomorrow night from being glued to the live Twitter stream!

Ever so-Stylishly Yours,

Hannah .x.




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