“Roll all the windows down, crank up the music, and grow out that fro.”
– William, from This is US

Ever since I was little redheaded tot curled up in the pram, I’ve always had a love for music. I can’t sing very well, I spent years going to dance classes yet I still have two left feet and I gave up playing piano after almost two years, but I can spend hours listening to music ranging from all different decades. I also have to admit that I have a pretty high knowledge of the music industry, both today and back to the early days of Bob Dylan too. So even though I may not be the most musically talented, I never fail to enjoy getting completely and utterly consumed by the sound of music. I’m that rare twenty-one year old student that goes to Electric Picnic and doesn’t drink a single drop of alcohol or take a single unusually shaped pill, because I don’t want to miss a single song from the variety of artists that take the many stages of Stradbally. I want to one day follow the footsteps of my sister and spend a weekend in the mud at Glastonbury, and I most certainly want to bite the bullet some year and travel over to California to attend the Country festival in the Desert (which is actually taking place THIS weekend) known as StageCoach. Just because I love the feeling of being in a crowd listening to the musicians sing their heart and soul out onstage, as live music will always be so much better than any other form of music.

However many people don’t see festivals as a chance to experience the thrill of live music, they simply see it as a full weekend fashion show and as a chance to throw themselves at the next drunken charmer. Not that I have anything against this, but why spend over a hundred euro for a smelly hook up in a dingy tent or waste another hundred to forget it all by spending the weekend drunk or on god-knows-what! Last year when I went to Electric Picnic, I absolutely adored it and it was one weekend where I didn’t care what I was wearing once it was crazy colourful, but one thing I noticed about girls at EP was the actual lack of clothing they had. Just last week Coachella as the exact same. There were thousands of girls wearing bras as tops, shorts that were more bum cheek than denim and some even decided that clothes weren’t an option by adorning their skin in jewels and glitter, and this was only the first of the upcoming festival season so who knows what’s going to be next! If you’re unsure what I’m talking about, I’ll leave the photos do the talking…

Bras aren’t just Underwear


Butt Shorts


Bold Boobs


When Coachella rolls around every year I always spend the weekend stalking the hashtag on Instagram, awaiting musicians to upload their live videos and watching the many influencer snapchats, but this year I was just so disheartened by the low level of style that I wasn’t really that into it. However the one festival trend that I loved at Coachella, that only seemed to pop up on the last day (hopefully their aim was to keep their best clothing until the last day) which was sheer dresses. As you all know ever since I bought my black and gold sheer maxi at London Fashion Weekend back in September, I’ve been in love with sheer. So seeing thousands of famous faces wearing sheer dresses, I cannot help but smile and nod that, yet again, I nailed a trend well before the celebrities did.

If any of you guys are going to a festival this year, just please dress appropriately well!!!

Ever-so Stylishly Yours,

   Hannah .x.


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