End of an Era

“It’s tearing me up, but I know that a heart that’s broke is a heart that’s been loved.”
– Ed Sheeran

The saying goes that “school days are the best days of your life” but whoever said that clearly never experienced the hell of how harsh kid bullies can be, or had to endure the peer pressures of under age drinking or simply just never had anything better after they left school. I think if they said that about your college years, I’d have a higher chance of agreeing because the past four years have been incredible. Of course they’ve had plenty ups and probably just as many downs, but I couldn’t look back and say that my time in W.I.T. has been one of regret. Well there’s been a few regrets that I wish I could go back and change, but none that have made me wish that I never went to college in the first place or even that I should’ve chosen a different course or simply never have chosen W.I.T. The past four years have introduced me to people I now could never see my life without, have taught me knowledge that I love to constantly enhance and have even awarded me with certificates that I never thought I’d even be eligible for. So I guess I thought that this would be the perfect time to post about the good times and the times I wish I didn’t miss out on.

**insert very cringey photo of the girls and I at graduation, which has yet to be taken**

If I could turn back time…

I would’ve set up a WIT Style Society. It sounds mad but I always regret not having the guts to set up my own society and meet fellow fashion addicts like me, because I know WIT was full of them (even if they didn’t show it on a daily basis!) I would’ve loved to organise weekly meetings, or speakers from the Irish Fashion Industry to come in and talk, or even monthly events like Fashion shows or Stylish tea parties or even high-fashion nights out. It may sound crazy, but if DCU can do it why couldn’t WIT have?

I know I’m not the only one in my class that will say this but, I regret never fighting to be the class rep of our year. I may not have even received a single vote or I may have been even more hated, than I already am, for even putting my name up for it, but I would’ve loved the opportunity to be the one that lecturers go to when wanting to hear from the class, or be the representative that the SU contact or simply get the chance to get to meet other class reps. Also I always wanted to organise a mystery tour for the class, so it is definitely something I would’ve tried do if I was given the chance! I’m not saying our current class rep was bad because she was far from it, but I would’ve liked even one year (or even semester) out of the four (or eight), to have gotten the chance!

That I took so long to come out of myself. I know everyone takes a different amount of time to really let their true self to shine, but I always kick myself that I didn’t push myself to make it happen sooner than the third year of college. This is probably a mixture of closing myself off from the world because of the relationship I was in, or that I spent too long trying to fit in with others rather than just be me and screw the rest, but whatever it was it resulted in me not becoming my real self until third year. It was weird really, the last few weeks of summer before Third Year began I promised myself that whatever I do, I’ve got to be 100% myself this college year and as soon as I stepped foot into college on the first day of being a third year I did just that. That day I ended up meeting someone who is a massive part of my life right now, who introduced me to people I now adore being around, and never fails to bring the best out in me. I’d like to say it was all me, but I have to admit that without him I don’t think I would’ve been as “me” as I am today.


But I say thank you for the…

You go through life meeting thousands of people, making friends with hundreds but yet as time goes on and we all take different paths, most friendships fade and become a memory rather than a regular date. However I know for a fact that I’ve made friends with people in college that I know I will be organising lunch dates with still in ten years time. I’ve travelled with them, I’ve had dozens of McFlurry dates with them, I’ve had tears over boys with them and I will be travelling with two of them again this summer the whole way across Europe. Yes there have been some friends that I have made in college that won’t last past this May, but the ones that I will hopefully be visiting them and their kids in twenty years time, know who they are and know that I would be lost without them.

That I bite the bullet and joined a college society, which was mainly because I simply wanted to say on my CV that I was in a society, but little did I know I would find a family amongst it and organise sold-out events with very little flaws. I joined the Business Society in first year thinking nothing of it and helping out where I could, but it wasn’t until Third Year when I was asked by my friend to help revamp the society that I found the family. I guess because I was in a relationship with the Chairperson at the time, that I ended up being like the mammy of the group, but it was more so that I made friends with people that I will soon be visiting in a different country, or people that I would change my plans for just to catch a coffee with them. Each of us made such a strong impact on the society, that we became almost household-student names amongst the heads of WIT’s Business School and to this day, we’re still complimented about the great jobs we did on the Business Day and last years Business Ball!

The summer break between college semesters is something that I don’t think I’ll ever be ungrateful for as it gave me the opportunity to taste another part of the world for more than just a weekend. Even though I wasn’t able to go abroad for longer than a week during my first summer of college (due to my jaw realignment surgery prep), I bit the bullet and spent the following summer in Paris working as an au-pair, ended that summer in Croatia with my family, then moved to Dublin for the following Summer for my work placement in advertising, and now here I am planning the adventure of a lifetime across Europe with two of my best friends for the first three weeks of this summer. Honestly if you are just about to start college or in your early years of college, just promise me you won’t let the summer break go to waste? I know you have to work and earn money and build up for the next college year, but you won’t ever get the chance again to have three months “off”, so make the most of it while you can otherwise you’ll regret it.


I know some of you think college is just another four years of education, just like school but I promise you that if you chose the right course then it’s so much more than just sitting in a classroom to learn, then doing exams in whatever you learnt and forgetting everything as soon as you hand up the paper. It’s an experience (it’s all about the experience eh?) It’s a rollercoaster of emotions that will turn you into a fountain of knowledge, but will also allow you to find people who bring out the best in you and who you know that no matter how happy you are or how shit you feel that they will always be there for you and know how to deal with it. So thank you, and here’s to the crazy ones!!!

Ever-so Stylishly yours,

  Hannah .x.


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