What Makes a Man?

“It’s not how much you have that makes people
look up to you,
 it’s who you are.”
– Elvis Presley 

I’d like to be able to say that every time I get a few minutes to spare, that I invest it in studying for my final year exams or tipping away on my next assignment, but I wouldn’t be telling the truth and I was never a big fan of white lies. At the end of almost every semester I find myself getting addicted to some new American TV show and I just cannot bring myself to stop watching it. In first year it was the life of Don Draper, in second year it was Gotham and this year it just happens to be two shows, of course it would be the final semester. Thanks to Orla, one of them just happens to be one of the most talked about shows of 2017 already, This is US which is a show that you can guarantee will make you do three things, every single episode:

  1. To hear a character say a line that makes you consider a choice you once made. Hence a life lesson that makes you either think about the past or want you to change something about the future.
  2. For your sight to go a little hazy thanks to the tears that you will soon shed. I’m a girl that’s never afraid to admit she’s emotional, but this series makes you feel like Chandler in that one Friends episode where he just “can’t close the gates”.
  3. Fall head over heels in love with Milo Ventimiglia, and I’m not talking about the crush you once had on Peter in Heroes. I am talking about envying Rebecca on the man she found, the husband she married and the father of her children, because he just constantly warms your heart with how genuinely lovely his character is.

It’s a TV series that’s awfully hard to explain well without giving away any spoilers, but it’s certainly one worth creating your own opinion on.


The other TV series that I can’t help but love was one that, as soon as I heard the storyline coming out, I knew I’d be addicted to it. How couldn’t a music lover not love a show that tells the story of Johnny Cash, BB King, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis Presley? Sun Records is a show that I don’t think many people know about because the only big actor in the show is Chad Michael Murray, but it really should be absolutely everywhere. Between an array of “down south” accents, the setting of an era where the greatest music truly began, the story behind how some of the greatest musicians began and simply how they nailed the clothing of the fifties, it really is a show that’s hard to resist. It’s obviously a little different from This is US, but other than music Sun Records has been teaching me one thing:

  1. There was truly a time where men saw a dapper appearance was normal. They dressed well not because they had to, but because they wanted to.


This is one thing that always surprises me about these TV shows, is how much has changed in regards to what makes a man attractive. It sounds like an odd one, but it’s mad to think that thousands of girls adore a guy like Drake or Macklemore who wear their pants below their bum, super baggy jumpers and rap about a variety of topics. Whereas it was only around sixty years ago when women were crazy in love with men who slicked back their hair, always wore shirts or blazers, and charmed audiences with their romantic charm. Which is really why I love shows like Sun Records or This is Us or even Gossip Girl, because even though they’re all in separate genres, the male characters always intrigue me because they’re so different from guys that I’m surrounded by on a daily basis.

I sometimes think I was born in the wrong era (but then again, I don’t think I would’ve lasted long because the idea of being a permanent housewife makes me want to vomit) as I love the idea of a guy in a suit, a guy that’s a little more slick than messy, a guy who’s not afraid to serenade a girl in a bar rather than just ask her if she wants the shift, or simply just a gentleman. Now I’m not saying that this doesn’t exist anymore because I know from recent experiences that it certainly does, but what I’m really talking about is how the overall idea of “attractive” has changed. Well evolved to some people, but to others they prefer the minority that have still kept that 1950’s dapper edge (hello, have you seen young Clint Eastwood? Just damn.), and honestly I think I’m in that minority as even though I still swoon over Harry Styles, I just can’t see the temptation in a guy like Conor McGregor or Drake, or any guy that girls in todays day and age just adore. I know obviously a guys personality accounts for 60-70% of his attraction, but I still believe that physical appearance and style is just as important.


Give me a young Mr Eastwood any day…

Stylishly Yours,

  Hannah .x.


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