Devil’s in the Detail

“Details are the difference between good stuff, and great stuff.”
– Stephen Brewster

 A few weeks ago, I came across a faded paisley notebook that was once constantly glued to my hand wherever I went in my house. As soon as I took a peek inside the memories came flooding back about the days I spent gluing random photos into the pages, adorning the pages with flower stickers and writing all my little rambles. It was a child’s scrapbook, a little larger than an A4, that was my mom brought home one day after work as she knew I loved anything new and floral (nothing much has changed there).
Upon flicking through the many pages I stumbled across my once-favourite page that was titled “My Favourite Outfit” which was something that I remembered instantly as soon as I began reading the description: “My black, embroidered sleeveless fur jacket with matching black suede embroidered skirt, black tights and my turquoise top, to match the embroidery.” Which got me thinking as to how trends come back around on such a regular basis, as something that I once wore when I was around twelve years old is something that I would absolutely love to wear at twenty-one years old, but then again embroidered clothing is something I will always consider a classic. I’d like to say that I have a photo of this ever-so fabulous outfit, but luckily enough I wasn’t as camera confident back then and was able to avoid almost any photo. However, the point of that little ramble was mainly at how mad it is that trends don’t take that long to come right back

You May be asking “How exactly do I wear it, without looking like I’m wearing something my Granny knitted me?” Well thanks to every designer and retailer ever being addicted to adorning their rails in this trend, you’d be surprised by how many ways heavily stitched flowers can be incorporated into your morning ensemble. There are three ways in particular that I’ve grown quite fond of over recent weeks, and I don’t think I’m the only one…

I’ve always been a fan of crisp White Shirts, even though it is probably one of the hardest items of clothing to find in a shop. Ever since watching films that revolve around a career obsessed girl falling in love, such as ‘How to Loose a Guy in Ten Days’ or ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, I’ve always been a sucker for the effortless white shirt look. There’s just something classically sexy about them as they can be worn under a tailored black dress, a fitted pencil skirt or even included in a sports luxe look, which simply means they can be worn with almost anything both day or night. So how could you resist one that has bold flowers embroidered onto the shoulders of them, or decorating your chest?shirts

When it comes to embroidery nothing is quirkier than embroidered denim, whether it’s spread across the back of a denim jacket, laced up the legs of a pair of boyfriend jeans or simply just scattered across skinny jeans, it always looks gorgeous. Even though it’s going to be absolutely everywhere it’s still something that’ll always catch your eye as being an edgy look. What’s even better about embroidered jeans is that they can be worn with almost anything, and thrown on no matter what the season, which is not exactly a trait of a trend that comes around often.denim.png

If you’re a somewhat-avid follower of my Instagram then you’ll know I become a big fan of ankle boots when the winter season rolls around and I have quite the selection of them, so when embroidered ankle boots started to fill the shoe shelves of my favourite shops my heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. I love the idea of wearing a simple outfit, but pairing it with my embroidered ankle boots (which even though they look pricey, they were actually only €21 in Pennys!), as it quirks up an outfit in a flash. Nothing like floral adorned

As you can tell, I have a big soft spot for embroidered florals, but you cannot deny that you want atleast one of these items in your Spring wardrobe. If you don’t, you must be insane!

Stylishly Yours,

   Hannah .x.



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