Country Strong

“It’s not what you take when you leave the world behind you,
It’s what you leave behind when you go”
– Randy Travis (Country Icon)

As you all know I’m a complete and utter addict of celebrity gossip. I’m probably the kind-of girl that guys hate because I pay more attention to the wives of sports stars rather than the sportsmen themselves, I consider the gossip column on DailyMail as a form of news reading and I know more about the Kardashian’s lives then I do about the economy, but that’s just who I am. However it annoys me a large majority of the time that some girls who I wouldn’t consider one bit stylish, are the ones that catch the attention of journalists and paparazzi on a regular basis. Musicians like Rihanna and Rita Ora, or Britney Spears and Lady Gaga (Ok I’ll never complain about Lady Gaga being in the news, but shhhh…) are constantly the centre of attention in the eyes of the media, but what about the style of other famous musicians in different genres?
No matter how many new songs I hear in the charts, or how many new musicians my friends tell me about, Country Music will probably always be my favourite genre of music, so it frustrates me that I never really see the stunning females behind the million dollar country music industry, in the limelight. There are so many women in this genre of music with incredible voices, addictive personalities, gorgeous figures, and of course impeccable style, but yet they’re never spoken about…until now.

Jennifer Nettles

When I heard that Ms Nettles was coming to Ireland for the ‘Country to Country’ weekend I couldn’t help but squeal with excitement, however nobody outside my family had a clue who I was even talking about. Sometime in around 2008 my Dad came home and told me that he had heard a new country duo on the radio that would be worth looking into. Within a few days after buying the album ‘Love on The Inside’, we were addicted. Sugarland have always been a favourite of mine on shuffle ever since, however when they both went their separate, solo ways my heart broke just a little. Jennifer released a rockery album first that I just couldn’t warm to it. Thankfully, she has finally gone back to her country roots and released an absolute gem of “Hey Heartbreak” about a month ago. Her voice may be incredible but her style is also something that shouldn’t go astray, whether it’s dancing around in music videos, strutting the red carpet or presenting her annual Christmas Country show, she always finds away to show off her true quirkiness.jen.png

Kacey Musgraves

At only 28 years old, Miss Kacey has taken the country music world by storm. As soon as she released her controversial medley “Follow Your Arrow” everyone fell head over heels in love with her strong opinion, her country twang and even her edgy style. I’ve been a big fan of hers too ever since I heard it, not just because of her vocal talent more-so for the lyrical genius that she truly is. But then again when you win more than one Grammy a night, you’re clearly not just anyone. When there’s a music award show, like the Grammys, she always steals the spotlight in my eyes, as she’s never afraid to wear an ensemble that’s just a little bit bolder than what’s on trend. So why Taylor Swift gets all the attention, I’ll never really know…Jessica_rabbit.png

Carrie Underwood

Even if you’re not a fan of country music, Carrie Underwood (well Mrs Fisher now) is a name that you’ve definitely heard of. She shot to fame after winning American Idol back in 2005 and has never left the limelight since. She’s won seven Grammy awards, a large handful of American Country Music Awards, has had four best selling albums, and has rarely looked bad on a red carpet. She seems to look good in almost anything but when she’s on the red carpet in either a bold mini dress, a statement gown or even everyday fitness gear, she always looks flawless. Then again, If I looked like her I’d certainly make the most of it too!jen.png

Being a girl it’s assumed that all I want to ever talk about is girls clothing when the topic of fashion is introduced into a conversation, however I much prefer talking about guys clothing. Even shopping, I always love when one of my guy friends asks me to help him find a new outfit because I love getting indulged in current menswear trends. I’ve also been told I’m awfully easy to shop with by many guys, so I like to think menswear is something I’m a little better than people expect. Therefore I hate talking about the fashionistas in Country music without mentioning the men, as recently there’s been quite an increase in boldly stylish cowboys on the musical red carpet.

Sam Hunt

It was actually around this time two years ago I came across Sam Hunt, and have had a major crush on him ever since. Who knew that a guy who once wanted to pursue a sports career would go on to win an American Music Award instead? Ever since he broke through the charts in 2015, he has changed people’s perspective on Country music by adding an Acoustic-RnB edge to many of his songs, which means there’s a high chance you’d like him even if you weren’t a Country fan. His music isn’t the only thing that’s a little bit different in the world of Country, as when it comes to his style he certainly knows how to steal the spotlight.jen

Thomas Rhett

Anytime I’m studying or writing a post, I always have YouTube on an autoplay shuffle in the background, so when the strumming of a guitar and a soft Nashville accent started filling my ears, I fell in love. To this day “Die a Happy Man” still gives me goosebumps. However hearing it live is ten times better, which I thankfully got to experience back in November when he came to Vicar Street in Dublin. I’m not going to lie, he came across a little too “preachy” “religious” for my liking, but other than that he seems like such a genuinely lovely guy, who’s head over heels in love with his wife, which he’s never afraid of showing, especially on the red carpet. jen.png

Luke Bryan

His Voice.
That’s all I’m going to say about Luke Bryan, and anybody that knows me well knows exactly what I mean. He’s an awfully stylish, dapper man, but his voice is just something else altogether…jen.png

Lets just say, if you say you “hate” Country music, maybe you should have a listen to a few of the above names and you might just rethink that statement. Even just google interviews with them, because the Nashville accent is very hard to resist.

Ever so Stylishly yours,

  Hannah .x.



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