Metallic Magic

“She who leaves a trail of glitter, is never forgotten.”
– Unknown

Every time I pop into a high street store lately, I never seem to be able to leave without picking up something that sparkles. Whether it’s a glitter body-con, a sequin adorned clutch bag or even a metallic eye shadow, but whatever it is I seem to be addicted.
I’ve always loved fabrics that reflect the spotlight ever since I was a child that spent most of the day wrapped in tinsel, dancing around the room, when I should’ve been helping put up the Christmas tree. Oh come on, how could any girl want to turn down the chance to be transformed into a disco ball for a night, or be the passing twinkle in someones eye as you stroll through the office? It may seem a little daunting as a trend because it’s not something that will have you blending into the background, but I have to be honest and tell you that it’s one trend not to be missed. I think every girl should inject some dash of glitter into their wardrobe this Holiday season, even if it’s just in a simple pair of tights!

I can imagine that a few girls may not know how exactly to dip their toes into this sparkly trend, so I’ve narrowed my long list of glitter adorned clothing down to the three items I think that no girl should now go without…

Top Three Twinkling must-haves

1.  Let the Glitter hug your Figure

As you all know I’m not one that loves figure-hugging dresses, but I can’t deny that I have a weakness for ones adorned in glitter. I was always terrified to wear this style of dress but as I’ve gotten a little older and more confident in my own skin, I’ve forced myself to bite the bullet and buy the kind-of dress I’v always envied. I only have two, but I have to admit there is a slight dash of magic that is sewn through those dresses because as soon as I step into one of them, all my body issues disappear and I suddenly become more confident than ever. So the moral of the story is, if you wear a body-con, glitter adorned dress and pop on a pair of heels, I can guarantee you’ll be oozing with confidence this Christmas.

2.  The Shinier the Shoes, the Better

For some reason, many people are intimidated by the idea of wearing bold sparkled shoes, but I really don’t see why they are. If Dorothy never dipped her toes into those red slippers, she would never have experienced the wonderful world of Oz. This sounds silly but that’s how I see my metallic boots or my metallic lace-up courts, because anytime I wear them I feel like I can walk that little bit straight, make my smile a little bit bigger and make my stride that little bit more confident.

3.  Roll in Rose Gold

They always say “mother knows best” but when you’re a young girl you refuse to listen to it. However the maturer you get the closer you get to realising that statement is 100% the truth. I don’t think a week has gone by lately where I haven’t whispered to myself “Jeez mom was right”, which is why I giggle anytime I hear someone raving about rose gold. The reason I say this is because mom’s wedding ring is rose gold and on many occasions throughout my childhood she has stated that rose gold is gracefully timeless than anything in a simple silver or gold. I never believed her, until this year. I am now obsessed with it. Not as much as most women, but I see it in a new classic light that makes me want to actually invest in rose gold pieces rather than just purchase it because everyone else is. I think rose gold clothes should be treated just the same, more of a statement outfit rather than an everyday one, but one every girl should have.


I know this post was a little shorter and much randomer than usual, but sometimes keeping it short, sweet & silly, is exactly what the Doctor ordered…

Ever-so Stylishly Yours,

  Hannah .x.


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