Return of the Red

“So often we become so focusd on the finish line, that we fail to enjoy the journey.”
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Two Months, Three weeks and god knows how many days, is how long it has been since my last blog post. I hate knowing that I’ve let people down by not keeping the spark alive or even that I’ve let myself down by not forcing myself to stick to my one-post-per-week promise, but things have been pretty hectic lately and I can’t deny that I’ve loved every second of the madness.

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, then you know exactly what I’ve been up to these past few weeks. However this post is for those who aren’t so social media savvy and want to know where the hell I’ve disappeared to these past few months, so I’m going to fill you in on all my little adventures.


As you know from my previous posts, I’ve been interning in an Advertising Agency, Guns or Knives, in Dublin and I’ve absolutely adored every second of it. The thoughts of leaving the place in less than ten weeks absolutely terrifies me because I simply don’t want to leave. I can’t deny that it has taken me a little longer than the average person to settle into the place between the workloads, the hundreds of new faces and the constant consuming of new information, but I love it. I’m quite shy when I start something from scratch so I knew I was never going to come across as the dream, overly-enthusiastic, inquisitive intern, but I’d like to think that my determination, hard work and love for the job, shined brighter and brighter as the weeks went on, and something that I hope will allow me to leave a lasting impression after I leave. If someone told me last year that for my placement I would get the opportunity to work with world-renowned clients, organize my own events, network amongst the big names in Irish advertising and work with such inspiring people everyday, I probably would’ve laughed in their face. It just shows that anything is truly possible if you put your mind to it and all your heart into it.


Electric Picnic

When I was preparing to go to Electric Picnic everyone I knew had spent weeks mocking me about how I wouldn’t last sleeping a tent for more than a night, or that I’d hate not being able to wear heels on the Saturday night, but I certainly proved all those sly comments wrong because that weekend was one of the best ones I’ve had in years. Getting to see a huge variety of musicians in one weekend, while eating foods from many different cultures and getting to do it all with my best friends, was something that I certainly won’t be forgetting anytime soon. I left with a huge smile and a list as long as my arm of artists that I needed to throw onto my phone, from the Avett Brothers to Jack Garret, and Wyvern Lingo to Lana Del Ray, and many many more. If there’s anything my Dad passed onto me it’s definitely his love of music. Ok I can’t deny that not having a shower every night didn’t kill me, but it was worth every smelly, music filled second and I cannot wait to relive it all again in 2017.


London Fashion Weekend

I saw my 21st Birthday as just any other Birthday, so I never expected anything crazy when it came to presents. So when I was given a personalised ‘Red Thread Style’ card from my sisters, containing an itinerary for a weekend in London I freaked out. Then when I was informed that the weekend was for London Fashion Weekend I was in complete and utter shock. It has always been a huge dream of mine to be in a city the same time as Fashion Week is taking place, so actually getting tickets to it was simply far beyond that dream.
I couldn’t contain my excitement going to work that Friday morning, knowing that I’d be leaving directly from there to the airport. Even though the Saturday morning was one hell of an early start, I didn’t care and embraced every second of the bubbles bursting in stomach.
We spent the day roaming around the Saatchi Gallery awing at the variety of stunning items of clothing, falling in love with the Irish Jewellery designer Chupi and glamorous people watching in the sun. It will definitely be a memory that will be locked in my memory bank for many years to come, especially since I got to finish it off with a real fashion show (high fashion London brand Sibling) that was also presented by the ever-so-handsome Jack McGuinness. Hopefully it’s only the beginning of my fashion show attending days.

Retro Flame & Chupi

Why is it that when you have an event you’d like to go to, there’s always one that sounds just as fun on at the exact same time? This happened just last month when it was announced that Erika Fox was going to be doing a “meet and greet” in Arnotts as part of their NYX make-up launch. Which happened to be on the exact same night as Chupi Sweetman was launching her new Winter collection, two events I really didn’t want to miss. Retro Flame has always been a huge influence to me in regards to blogging, style and simply even being a fellow natural redhead, so when the chance arose for me to get to actually meet the flame haired fashionista, I certainly couldn’t resist. So along with one of my best friends, I started the night queuing to get a photo taken with Ms Fox and ended it sipping Hendricks & Elderflower alongside Chupi. I can’t deny that overall the Chupi event was more memorable and much better organized, but getting to meet Retro Flame a memory that I’ll always treasure.

Deanes List

Returning to college for a night was weirdly surreal, as it felt like I had been away for years not just a simple few months. I never thought I would ever step foot in WIT again until January 2017, but surprisingly enough I got invited back due to my academic achievements. Last year I won an award for getting one of the highest results in my year, but little did I know that I would get awarded the exact same thing for a second year running. In school I was never the brightest in class, I didn’t get a single A in my Leaving Cert results and I was always the type of girl to blend into the back of the class, so to now be the girl who gets her work noticed is something I still have yet to get my head around. Then again, when you love what you do succeeding tends to come around a little more often.deanes.png

The past few months have been incredibly eventful, and have really proved to me that if you love what you do, where you are and surround yourself with the right people, everyday can be memorable. However I do have to apologize again at my lack of blogging, but hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of it and it’ll be like I was never gone.

Ever so Stylishly Yours,

      Hannah .x.


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