Je deteste…

“If you do right, nobody remembers. If you do wrong, nobody forgets.”
– Unknown

 I’m one of those girls that tries their utmost to have a permanently open mind when it comes to people’s appearance and creativity, however when it comes to some trends I just seem to refrain myself from shuddering at the sight of it. I love when people risk bolder clothes, clashier patterns and unusual shapes, but sometimes it’s the most basic trends that send the largest shivers up my spine. There are four trends in particular that I cannot grasp and I don’t think my opinion of them will change anytime soon, but hey don’t be afraid to let me know how you feel about my unfashionable pet hates.

Suit your Suit

There’s nothing I love more than a man in a suit but there is nothing more off putting than an ill-fitting suit. Whether it be a blazer that’s so large it could be buttoned at the back, a waistcoat that isn’t tightened correctly, a pants that bunches up around the ankles or simply one that looks like it was borrowed from their father. I know that barely anyone can deserve a Tom Ford or a Saville Row suit, but it’s not that hard to try on a few different sizes in Penny’s just so you can make sure it fits correctly. And if you’re truly struggling, go find yourself a Ryan Gosling, because an ill-fitting suit is just as bad as a girl wearing a bra that is two sizes too small for her, pointless and highly unattractive.ryn.gif

Black and Gold Brown

A large amount of people say that Brown/Tan goes with everything but I genuinely don’t believe that for a second. I remember, a few years back, I bought a Tan satchel thinking it would be perfect, it’d go with everything and it would store lots of little bits, but I was very wrong. I’d say I used that bag less than once a month that year, and it also ended up not even being able to store Glamour Magazine! Whereas I think Black is much more versatile, however the combination of the two is something I cannot stand. How people think these two colours work well together is one thing I’ll never understand because I’ve never ever seen an outfit of both tan and black, look good…unless you’re an animal, so just leave it to the four legged lil’ ones.cosmo.jpg

Seeing Double

I don’t care how many people loved Britney & Justin’s red carpet ensemblé back in 2001, to me Double Denim will never work. I’ve seen it with accessories, with denim shirts and jeans and even the basic summer pairing of a denim jacket and jean shorts, but I can never seem to see the attraction with it. I was never a fan of wearing all-one colour and I always find wearing simple blue jeans, bland, therefore the combination of both is far from pretty to me.cosmo

Practically No Pants

As you know from previous posts, I’ve always been a bit reluctant to embrace sportswear as a form of stylish clothing but I’m slowly adapting my eyes to the niceness of it. However there’s one aspect of the trend that I’ll never be able to warm to, yet it’s the one trend that seems to be loved my the majority of the female population. Leggings. I can understand the comfort in them, I know from experience that they’re much easier to wear than shorts with activities and I know that they can make a good bum look great, however wearing them to work or to a meal with friends is just not right. I know each to their own, but I just think if tracksuits were never acceptable, how did leggings make the cut?

I know this post was a little different and much more light hearted, but I said why not try and make people giggle while learning about my fashion pet hates?

Ever so Stylishly yours,



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