Mustard Glazed Salmon

“Whoever said orange was the new pink, was seriously distuberd.”
– Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)

Everyone has a colour that they hate and cannot seem to explain what it is about that colour that makes them hate it, for me it’s Salmon pink. It’s a colour that is currently absolutely everywhere at the moment and it is starting to kill me slowly but surely. Now don’t get me wrong some people can pull it off beautifully but for me I can’t see past it as a shade of vomit. I’ve seen it throughout popular high street shops over the past few weeks but I was purposely oblivious to it until I saw Angela Scanlon dressed head-to-toe in the shade at this years Glamour Woman of the Year awards, and the selected few at Cannes adorned in this swimmingly pink shade.


I can understand why people like it because Pink is one of those colours that most people cannot resist, however personally I am not looking forward to seeing dresses in this colour on upcoming nights out. In my opinion I think that Mustard should be the colour of the summer. Even though Yellow is one colour that has always looked absolutely dreadful on me, I must say I’m loving the mustard shade that is sneaking it’s way onto almost every clothing rail in stores this season. It’s not exactly the easiest shade to wear, but if worn right it screams edge.


Trends change every few months, what’s in this month may be a distant memory next month and the it-colours never seem to stay the same, however if you’re an Instagram follower of mine you’ll know which colour I swear by no matter what the weather, season or trends. Red is my go-to colour. It never was a favourite colour of mine due to the large amount of people that stated “Redheads can’t wear red”, so it wasn’t until I grew older and became more confident in myself that I proved every single one of them wrong.  Not a day goes by where I’m not wearing a hint of red whether it’s in my shoes, on my lips, the shade of my handbag or the overall theme of that day’s outfit, and I think it’s one colour that everyone should have a dash of in their closet.


Lets just say, get yourself out of all those dull, dark shades of grey and start embracing the Summer season. It may not be full of sunshine and scorching heat, I like to think if you dress right for it, the right things will happen…

Stylishly yours,



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