Suns Out, Guns Out

“Clothes do not make the man, but they can make the woman’s day if worn properly.”
– Unknown

You would think that in today’s world everyone would be much more open minded than they were a few years ago but for some reason that still hasn’t happened, especially when it comes to men. As you all know I’ve always had a massive weakness for well dressed guys, which you would’ve seen from my handful of blog posts on mens style over the past few years. I still can’t comprehend why society thinks that every well-dressed guy must be gay, because a large amount of the time they aren’t. I have a such respect for guys that aren’t afraid to formal it up on a night out by wearing a blazer instead of just a typical shirt+chino combination, or someone who braves ankle grazer pants when everyone around them thinks they look “too camp“, or simply a guy in a suit. It sounds like simple attire but for some reason it’s still rare to see. I like to think that it’s just guys ignorant to the existing trends, so I said why not make a post while the sunshine season is kicking in (and hopefully staying for longer than one week) all about this summers menswear trends, and three things that all guys must have in their wardrobe this season.

Bold Printed Tees

Whether it’s short sleeve shirts, round neck t-shirts or even my pet hate kind of tees, polo shirts, whatever it is just make sure it’s covered in print this summer. Maybe you can’t handle bold print so you just want to go for a small polka dot print, maybe you’re a little quirkier and game for a more graphic print one, or maybe you’re bold enough to embrace a floral tee, all of them will be sure to make you very on-trend this sunshine filled season.


What a Bomber

As I said in one of my somewhat-recent posts, this summer is the season of the bomber. There’s a high chance that you won’t be able to turn a single corner without coming across someone in a bomber. Yes they’re stylish, yes they’re versatile, yes they’re comfy, but the best part about them is that they come in almost any colour, any pattern, and both genders can pull them off effortlessly. I know I’m not the biggest fan of girls wearing guys clothes but I think bomber jackets can be worked around this little hatred of mine, right?



As Forrest Gump’s mama used to say “There’s an awful lot you can tell about a person by their shoes” and I’ve always seen it to be true. A guy could be dressed in the most expensive pair of chinos, and coordinated with an impeccably tailored blazer, but if they’re wearing a simple pair of runners to try and look edgy then I automatically stop being intrigued about their attire. In my opinion there is nothing more impressive than a nice a pair of shoes on a guy, so knowing that brogues are one of the biggest trends this summer in menswear I can’t help but get excited with how guys will wear them in their own little way. Brogues may be a little formal to some guys, but they’re actually easier to wear than most people think because they can work with jeans, chinos, ankle grazers, and even shorts, just once they’re not paired with tracksuit ends and not worn with a god-awful pair of socks they should work awfully well.


Now all you guys have to do is embrace these trends, go forth and make sure that you ooze style under this seasons sunshine filled sky…

  Ever so Stylishly yours,




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