“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”
– William Feather

As I write this post I’m sitting my new bed in my new room trying to take in my new surroundings. My bags are fully unpacked, my “seeya laters” have all been said and I’m already nearly a full week working. Even though Dublin is only a few hours away from my little hometown I’m still seeing it as a big adventure. This time last year I was packing my bags for a Summer in Paris, and it was one Summer that I never regret and frankly I wish I made more of a go of it which is why I’m seeing this Summer as another one my little life’s big adventures.

Ever since I got offered the placement back in February I’ve been crazy excited  for the big move, however one thing that has always put me on edge is the thought of packing. Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those people that constantly complains about having to pack their bags, even though they’re taking time off to go abroad! It’s more that the idea of having to narrow down my entire wardrobe is something mind-blowingly terrifying to me. I’m not an incredibly materialistic person but I can’t deny that my wardrobe is one of my most prized possessions. Also since I’m probably the least practical minded person you’ll ever meet, the narrowing down process was a challenge in it’s own right.

So after my breakfast last Saturday, I put on my cheesy music full blast and threw open my wardrobe doors open and began to absolutely gut it. I pulled out blazers I hadn’t seen in years, taking out t-shirts that fit me better than the ones I usually wear and finally getting rid of those many pairs of tights that have a miniature hole every two centimetres. It certainly helped to downsize my overall wardrobe but it was still a challenge to decide which pieces I was going to pack for the big move. I ended up deciding that I wanted a wardrobe of nothing but cigarette pants, blazers and simple accessories, which resulted in me doing a lot of research to get inspiration from street style. As I see myself being super career focused I like to think that my wardrobe doesn’t lack edgy workwear (thanks to the endless array of formal presentations that we’ve to dress up for in College) but I know that this isn’t the case for most girls my age, so I decided to give a low down of five pieces you really must have in order to look the part for work, but to also not let it consumer your personality.

  • Patterned Cigarette Pants

    You cannot go wrong if you have a pair of fitted patterned pants in your wardrobe, as they can take you from a business meeting to the dance floor without any trouble. I have a large collection of them, as you can see from my Instagram, but thanks to the beloved high-street it’s actually incredibly easy to get your hands on a gorgeous pair. Even if you’re not a fashion conscious girl like myself, fitted pants with a bold pattern are still worth having in your wardrobe because you can wear them with as simple accessories as possible and still make them look street-style-snapping

  • A Stylish fit-your-kitchen-sink handbag

    I’m one of those girls that swears by a good handbag, so as soon as I start something new whether it’s a new semester in college, a new city or especially a new job, a larger bag is needed. It’s not as if I’ve got a large amount of things that I need by my side on a 24/7 basis but I always find it comforting to know I can chuck in a little bit more than just my wallet and phone when I’m stepping over a new

  • Rainbow Runners

    As you all know I’m probably the least sportiest person you will ever meet. I may have been a rower for a good three years in my teens, but as much as I enjoyed it I was still never any good at it. Therefore if you ever see me in any form of gym gear you know “sh*t’s going down“. So before I moved here I made a practical purchase of comfy (yet edgy, don’t worry they’re super colourful) well-supported runners because of all the running around I’ll be doing, but the reaction I got when I made the purchase was one I’ll never forget especially from one my closest friends Laura. She genuinely thought I was chronically sick because I bought an item of clothing that was sports related, however the more I wear them the more I’m starting to like the look. I know, shocking!!!


  • Crisp White Shirt

    A nice white shirt is probably one of the most impossible things to find on the high street, it’s nearly the high street’s equivalent of “pigs flying”. My mom purchased a gorgeous sleeveless one for me the other day in Zara, which I’ve yet to wear but looks like it’ll fit like a glove, but because it’s sleeveless it still isn’t the ideal full-fitted-crisp-whit-shirt that I dream of hanging in my wardrobe one day. Imagine how you could wear it? Under a bold dress for a formal-yet-casual party, tucked into a skirt, hung casually over jeans or under a fitted bold coloured suit, the opportunities with the right white shirt are truly

  • Bold, fitted Blazer

    Blazer’s are the best. There have been many times where I was   wearing a simple tee and jeans, but I was asked last minute to go somewhere that requires an attire that’s a little more formal  so I ran upstairs to my wardrobe, pulled out  one of my fitted blazers, threw it on and BAM my outfit went from blank to bold in a minute. It sounds crazy, but I promise once you own  a handful of blazers, you’ll find yourself getting addicted to wearing them.

As they say “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”, so don’t be afraid of being that little bit quirkier than your fellow staff member, or wearing a burst of colour when everyone’s wearing black, it’s your time to shine so go out and kick ass!!!

Stylishly yours,



(P.S: Apologies for being so late with this post, but moving to a new city, new apartment, new job, new people, everything has been manic lately! I promise I’ll get back on track soon, however keep an eye on my snapchat to see what I get up to in my daily life!!!)


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