Work Hard (Part One)

Pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work.”
– Aristotle

Many people have asked me how I got to where I am today, so I said why not write a post about it. Everyone has various different career paths from when they’re a child. Some boys start off dreaming about becoming a Fireman yet grow up to become a Lawyer, while many little girls dream of becoming an Actress but grow up to become the CEO of an MNC. We all have big dreams when we were children that usually is because of what kind-of toys we play with, what our parents do for a living and even what our friends want to become, but even though that can change drastically over time there’s a high chance that what you once aspired to be is a part of what you’re doing right now.

I have always loved dressing up, making myself look better and just clothes in general. When I was seven years old I didn’t want to become anything other than a Fashion Designer. I spent about nine years believing that there was no career path for me other than fashion design. I did a weeks work placement in a local dressmakers in Transition Year, I attended sewing classes for a year before fifth year and I sketched more than dress design every day, but when reality struck at the end of fifth year about my future prospects and the dream was no more. It’s not that I didn’t want it but more so that it never truly suited me but I failed to believe it because I craved to become Christian Dior’s future Creative Director, especially after seeing their 2010 Haute Couture collection.


To be honest I realized Design wasn’t for me back in TY, which is why I started up this blog. It began simply as ‘Scrapbooked Stylee’ (cringe worthy name, I know!) on Blogspot which was where I rambled about my favourite trends in current style, but today it has a much wider scope thanks to my addiction to social media and my current career path, but I’ll get onto that in my next post.

I then looked into becoming a primary school teacher because I always loved working with children, I adored baby sitting and looking back it was actually one of my favourite work placements in Transition Year too! However when I went to the open day of Mary Immaculate College I hated the place with a passion. The lecturers I spoke to couldn’t find a positive word to say about becoming a teacher, the on-campus accommodation had various similarities to a convent and the overall atmosphere was something I just couldn’t warm to (however it didn’t stop me from following my dream to spend a summer working as an Au-Pair.) Yet again I hit a brick wall, so back to square one I went. The first move I made was to analyse the subjects I was studying and to see what my best were, which resulted in Business coming out on top. I always enjoyed Business but Marketing was my favourite section by far and was always the chapter I went back to when I couldn’t focus on the uninteresting topics.

This leads me onto what I’m doing today. After I did a huge amount of research I narrowed it down to two courses which both happened to be my local college, Waterford Institute of Technology. Business & French or Marketing, Advertising & Online Media . I spoke to my Cousin who edged me towards choosing the Marketing course and simply studying French outside of college if I really and truly wanted to pursue the language. Then after going to the open day in WIT, after speaking to the course leader, I was sold. I must admit in first year I was little on edge about my choice because first year was very general, but I never gave up hope. Three years in and I absolutely adore what I do. It has helped me to get my blog to a much higher standard, it has shown me to create an effective personal brand using social media and it has made me decide on what career I want, in… Advertising.


Keep an eye out for part two next week, all about what’s coming up for the rest of 2016, my current work position and ethic, along with my future career goals and also why exactly I want to become the next Don Draper.

I know this post was a little different to my usual ones but I’ve found that the more personal I get, the more people are interested in my work.

Stylishly yours,



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