When you were a little kid you don’t really care how you look because all you wanted to do is have fun and mess about with your new friends. As you get older your appearance becomes a little more important and regardless of your personal tastes, there was a high chance that you made sure everything you wore was just like what the “popular kids” wore. However when you got past the awkward mid-teen age you were encouraged to be different and be more you which took a lot of confidence building, a large amount of experimenting badly and a strong core group surrounding you, but there’s a high chance that it eventually happened. So today you should be dressing for you, you shouldn’t be afraid to have different tastes, and your wardrobe should scream your name and nobody else’s, which is what I like to think of mine.


In today’s world things seem to be a little different to what they were when I was younger, which frustrates me greatly because I only left my teenage years behind me last year but sometimes it feels like I grew up in a different era. As I strolled along the beach promenade in my local town with three friends of mine, I realized how different we truly are. Even though we were a small group of four girls we were all completely different. One in a dungarees, one in a tye-dye tee, one usually in a bowler hat and wide-frame glasses, and the other hiding a gorgeous pair of bold boyfriend jeans in the boot of her car, all with lots of things in common but yet incredibly different in their everyday ensembles. However when I looked past my friends at other groups of young girls I found it difficult to spot the difference between them, every single girl was wearing skinny jeans folded up above their ankle, matched with either a fitted crop-top , a check shirt or a combination of both, and then topped off with a pair of either converse or vans, along with their super long hair left fall dead-straight down their back (regardless of their natural state).


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against this look and I get that girls want to conform and fit in with the society around them but why do they all seem to be so petrified of standing out and being even a little different from their friends? I feel like every young girl today is just becoming a clone of every other young girl, which scares me greatly because that is not what today’s society should be encouraging. I’d like to think that it is just happening amongst teenagers, but it’s not. Twinning is a trend that has been huge over the past year, but I never thought that it would be a trend that would last longer than your teenage years. Sadly though it did because when I stroll through the halls of my college I have a habit of watching how everyone is dressed and out of every 20 or 30 girls, there’s usually only one that dresses a little different. It’s hard to believe right? It gets even worse when I go out on a night out because there is a high chance that every single girl flirting at the bar, or getting hit on while on the dancefloor, is wearing either a bodycon dress or a bra top and super fitted pencil skirt, and paired with super chunky heels that they cannot take more than five steps in without a tumble. I just don’t get it, why would you purposely want to become your best friends identical twin when you could be a unique, bold version of you. As Oscar Wilde once said “Be you, everyone else is taken”, so what’s stopping you, go out and embrace the little things that make you different before you get lost in the sea of check shirt clones.

Just remember if you and your friends all dress the same, and you bump into your icon or your worst enemy, how are they going to remember you or how are you going to make an impace if they can’t distinguish a single difference within the group?

Be the Carrie Bradshaw you deserve to be…

Stylishly yours,



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