Portugal, Pleats & Palaces

As many of you may know that 2015 was a year of incredible ups and some lifestyle changing downs, so when third year of college kick started I saw it as a completely blank crisp white page. I got a new job, which lead me to meeting friends that I now can’t see myself without, I immersed myself into the true college life in regards to societies, nights out and hard work, and I also forced myself to invest more time in my close friends and stopped wasting time with others. I haven’t looked back since, and I’ve also been told that I haven’t stopped smiling since either. I have spent a lot of time finding myself and getting myself to the level where I am 99% happy in who I’ve become, which has been helped a lot by my addiction to quotes. It may sound weird but I am a lover of all types of wonderful quotes whether they be about inspiring style, motivating hard work or achieving dreams, my adoration of reading the words from inspirational people has been something I’ve always had a weakness for. Travel quotes have always been a regular occurrence in my Google image search, but due to my hopeless romantic mindset I always read travelling quotes from a romantic perspective. However after the week that has passed I’ve realized I have been interpreting them wrong all this time.


When you’re a teenager you are taught that you must always put “Bros before Hoes” and you more than likely laughed because you never saw yourself putting anyone before your friends, but unlucky for some it happens. I hate admitting it but it definitely happened to me and I regret it immensely. Thankfully I didn’t loose my close friends, but it took me a while to build back up the relationship I once had with them, and that was one of my goals of this year. So when we began to discuss the possibility of a girly week away over lunch in college, we made a promise to each other that it was going to happen…and it did.


As you can imagine a group of six girls deciding on where to go took forever but we eventually narrowed down to a top few with Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, coming out on top. We spent months getting excited for it but it didn’t take long for our adventure to begin just around the corner. It began as soon as my parents dropped me to my friends house, the journey to Dublin was full of our attempts at cringey music videos, the night there was nothing but laughter and lost-sleep, the flight was full of snoozing, and when the plane landed excitement seemed like an understatement.  I don’t even know how to describe the week other than unforgettable. We may have only got dressed up and went out on one night, but it was still full of memories that will be impossible to forget anytime soon. It was even a week of fabulously floral style, which lead to a lot of interesting stares from Portuguese people wrapped up in their hats and scarves, but we never  cared because we were having too much fun to worry about people we were probably never going to see again. We spent a large majority of our time climbing the cobbled streets of the capital city, visiting cute cafés to eat churros and commenting on the effortless style of Portuguese men, which I adored every single minute of. We also visited the beaches of Cascai and the Palace of Pena in Sintra which were both stunning locations.


However if there’s anything I’ve learned from the past week is that close friends are one of the most important things you can ever have in your life, and that capturing memories through a camera lens is an opportunity you should never miss out on. I know many people hate getting into photos, but regardless of how bad you think you may look if you’re happy, having fun and genuinely smiling or laughing, there is zero chance you can look bad.


I know this post was a little less fashion and a little more me, but it was a long-winded way of me saying that enjoy every minute of your life, smile every second you can, take the chance to travel when you can, and never loose sight of how valuable a good friendship can be.

Stylishly yours,

   Hannah .x.


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