Blow it Up

Every time a season changes society becomes obsessed addicted to a new fashion trend, and this season’s one is an item of clothing that I hadn’t predicted for both genders. When you mention the name of this jacket it can result in people thinking you’re a little dodgy due to the many beautiful cities that have been tragically affected by the dictionary definition of the word. However you’ll be hearing it a lot more than usual thanks to the incoming overload of them that will be soon flooding all your favourite high street stores.

The Bomber JacketParis-Street-Style-Street-Style-bomber-jacket

I can guarantee that you won’t be able to turn the corner without seeing a girl wearing a bomber jacket for the next few months. Whether it’s a simple colour, a bold pattern, a traditional baseball style, or even an unusual fabric one, they’ll be absolutely everywhere this season. I personally find them a little difficult to wear because the jacket wouldn’t really co-ordinate with my usual style, but I’m not letting that stop me searching for the ideal bold printed “satin” one. The Sports Luxe trend is one that I’ve never been intrigued by but the more I see women wearing their bomber jacket as workwear, the more I want to get my hands on my own one for when I start my placement in a few months.

The real question is, which one are you going to choose…

Floral Fanatic

Traditional Baseball Style

All-One Colour

We cannot forget one of the biggest pros of this trend is that it can work, and has worked beautifully, for both genders. The jacket originated from Baseball which tends to be a male-orientated sport so I can’t go a whole post talking about the piece without showing a handful of attractive men that make this jacket look as good as lemon icing on a Victoria sponge cake.

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