Sharing ain’t Caring

Girls stealing their boyfriends clothes has been a trend for years, and probably one that will never end however it’s one that I’m not the most fondest of. I can understand borrowing a guys hoodie on a cold day when you’re around the house, or wearing their shirt for bed, or even wearing their blazer/coat on the way home after a night out, but when girls wear their boyfriend’s clothes outside of the house as part of their outfit, it frustrates me. There are so many beautiful clothes out there, and a large majority of them are probably already in your wardrobe so why do you need the items that have come from your partners wardrobe? I do admit that a large majority of menswear are nicer than womenswear and I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve purchased many jumpers from the mens section in Penny’s, that I’m currently craving a satchel from the guys section in Debenhams, and that I would give anything to wear a tuxedo to this years ‘Business Ball’ instead of a dress, but the idea of stepping out wearing the clothes of a possible partner sends an odd chill through my body. Even though they like to experiment with male trends you don’t see Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham or even Rosie Huntington Whitley steal their other-halves clothes, do you?s1.jpg.pngMany brands have noticed this common trend and have began to merge both collections. This week Zara released their first ever ‘Ungendered‘ collection which contains sixteen pieces of regular items such as jeans, simple tees and sweatshirts in neutral colours, that can be worn by both men and women. The idea of these kind-of collections becoming a regular occurrence is something that ignites immense curiosity in me as it gives me hope for a more edgier society. However after seeing what Zara unleashed and knowing the people in today’s world, it’ll probably go the opposite way and result in a huge increase of horribly ill-fitting unisex tracksuits and it will be torturous.One thing though I do love about the concept of unisex clothing is the possible future of footwear collaborations. I adore strolling through the menswear section of a clothing store seeing the various trends that handsome men like David Gandy, Eddie Redmayne and even Harry Styles will be soon adorning themselves in, because it gives me hope that the guys around me will soon be dressing just like them. What can I say? I always judge a guy by their style and how they dress, especially the little details which results in me having the mindset of “You can always judge a person by their shoes”. I always have and always will judge you by the shoes you wear, it’s one trait I can’t seem to rid of but saying that I’d love to have a secret wardrobe of men’s shoes that I could wear. I love Chelsea Boots, Desert Boots and even Leather Brogues, but us girls aren’t really offered the nicest selection of these footwear. I’m a girl that adores her heels, but I can never seem to find a nice pair of flats that are comfortable, durable and simply stylish, whereas guys have it easy because heels isn’t exactly a regular preference.

I know this post was a little random and ramble-filled, but it was something that’s been on my mind since last week so why not write about it? I’d love to hear your opinions on the topic too!

Stylishly yours,



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