Superbowl Sunday

The Superbowl game was first played back in 1967, this year being the 50th time the game has been played. I feel like I should give you a little snippet of what the Superbowl is, but since it’d genuinely be just copied and pasted from Wikipedia I decided to be honest and admit I don’t have a clue about the iconic game. Every time the famous weekend rolls around, I like to pretend I know about but really I just know everything about the half-time show, who’s going to be singing the National Anthem, and what advertisements will be shown around the show. As I hope to one day crack the Advertising industry, I like to see the Superbowl as a form of productive research. However since I spent the past two weeks addicted to AdWeek and Mashable, I already know a large majority of the advertisements that will be shown on the night, so what I’m most looking forward to is the famous voices that will be filling the arena with their music.


Ever since Coldplay burst onto the top charts with ‘Yellow‘ back in the year 2000, they’ve been constantly smashing hits left, right and centre. They’ve had songs that people still adore such as ‘Viva la Vida‘, they’ve released albums that people still can’t comprehend the name like ‘Mylo Xyloto‘, and now they’re going to hit the stage for the half-time show alongside the stunning Mrs Carter and hopefully blare their new single ‘Hymn for the Weekend‘. They’ve never been the most stylish of bands but their love of colour and quirky sound never fails to make me smile.


A Texas born woman, who needs no explanation whatsoever. I was never a massive Beyoncé fan but I can’t deny that she has an incredible voice, with one of the most stunning figures to have ever graced this earth, and probably has more earnings than the whole of Ireland. Yes she’s filthy rich, but boy has she worked her ass off for it. Whether she’s roaming through the streets of NYC, gracing the red carpet with her presence or simply strolling the beach in St. Tropez with Mr Carter himself, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her with a hair out of place.

Bruno Mars

because you’re amazing, just the way you are…” the lyrics that broke every girls heart back in 2010, and the handsome, ever-so-stylish Bruno Mars is still doing exactly that today. He collaborated with Mark Ronson last year on one of the biggest hits of the past ten years, Uptown Funk, and is now taking to the Superbowl stage for his second ever time. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what he’s going to wear because I love his classic, tailored, yet edgy style, and how you know he doesn’t take orders from anyone when it comes to his wardrobe. A man after my own heart…

Lady Gaga

If you’re a regular reader of ‘Red Thread Style‘ then you’ll already know that there are some women that are big inspirations to me, whether it’s their fashion, their life attitude, their song lyrics or simply just their overall career goals, one of them being Lady Gaga. Ever since I first heard ‘Poker Face‘ on the radio I fell in love. I was never a big fan of dance music but there was something about her style of music that I couldn’t resist. Then when I looked into the women behind the song I knew I’d become obsessed with her. To this day nothing has changed, so when I heard she was asked to sing the National Anthem at this years Superbowl I was ecstatic for her. Yes her style was once crazy, her music was once a lot bolder than today, her aim was once to be seen & heard, but now she finally has the chance to be 100% herself, her classic beautiful self. I could go own for pages on end talking about Ms Germanotta (which I’ll probably be doing after her wedding in Italy next year) but I’ll stop while I’m ahead. Also she looked kick ass as a redhead, just saying…

Now, just bring on the Superbowl50…half-time show!

Stylishly yours,



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