This season whether you go on a night out in your home town, go on a trip to a fashion capital or simply for a date with your girlfriends, a topic always seems to arise about our assets. I don’t know why but the conversation topic regarding the female figure always seems to come up much more than it ever did before, due to the large array of women constantly leaving little to the imagination. Obviously cleavage has always been an on-trend style but thanks to the hundreds of stars that are flaunting their assets on the red carpet, the cleavage trend has become much bolder than it once was before, in three ways in particular…

Suits ya’

One look I’ve been dying to pull off these past few seasons has been the tuxedo. In the early 1900’s Gabrielle Chanel spent months trying to change female fashion by introducing the pants suit as womenswear, which resulted in her eventually becoming one of the most iconic women in fashion history. She was even the brains behind today’s wardrobe necessity: The LBD. However when she introduced the suit I don’t think she would’ve predicted how women wear it today. Fitted cigarette pants, paired with stiletto heeled court shoes, adorned with a one/two-buttoned tailored blazer, more than likely a bold red lip, and nothing other than a bra underneath the blazer. It’s a bold look, and it certainly doesn’t suit everyone, but it’s one trend that I’d love to see worn more often than it is. Yes flaunting your boobs isn’t the most classiest look, but doing it this way correctly is far from tacky.

Deep Vs

If you ask a girl about the areas they find most attractive on a guy’s body, there’s a high chance the ‘v-line’ will come out in the top five. I don’t know whether it’s because they love defined muscles, or whether it’s because it’s angling towards a certain area, or if it’s simply because it’s an area that can’t be seen on a daily basis, but it’s a thing that girls seem to have a big weakness for. Therefore it’s a fine example of why girls love the deep-v-neckline, because it’s pretty much for all the same reasons. Dresses with a deep-v-neck were once seen as a tacky, trashy, slutty neckline, but now girls (well the stylish ones) have finally realized that if you choose an ensemblé with a deep-v, you must always make sure that the bottom half of your outfit is below the knee whether it be a pants, a midi skirt, or simply part of a ballgown, if the bottom half isn’t above the knee it’ll make many jaws drop.

Side Peek

Everytime I have been on a night out over the past few months, I haven’t went a night without seeing a girl attempting the side-boob trend. I must admit that some girls have pulled it off pretty well, but there has also been a large handful of girls that can’t seem to comprehend the fine line between side-boob, and falling-out-of-your-top-boob. This really frustrates me because I don’t get why you’d go ahead and chance the trend if you can’t get it right. Personally I’d love to risk it but I know for a fact I’d fail miserably with it. If you’d like to chance this trend always think that less is more. Make sure the colours you wear are minimalistic and simple, make sure that your well “tucked in” to your top, be aware that you shouldn’t be able to see your assets from the front, and finally don’t forget to walk with your shoulders back and head held high because posture is key to making this trend look effortlessly tasteful.

Stylishly yours,




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