Menswear Maniac

“A man should look as if he bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them…”
Hardy Amies

I know a large majority of men aren’t exactly interested in the trends that hit the runway during the Menswear Fashion Weeks that took place over the past few weeks for 16/17 Autumn, but the high street have to get their inspiration from somewhere, right?
What began in London, spread across the usual fashion Capitals of the world, and showcased the upcoming clothing trends that will flood the stores next Autumn/Winter. I’ve always been a huge lover of menswear collections, because girls aren’t afraid to dress well whereas a large majority of guys tend to be terrified of making themselves stylish. I actually cannot comprehend it because I can guarantee that If I had a nosey at most guys Instagram timeline, or asked men what famous men they look up to, I bet that the celebrities they follow have impeccable taste. But why don’t they follow in their footsteps?I have to admit that the style stakes have certainly improved over the past few months, so I’m hoping that the stakes will only get higher and higher and that all the trends that I’ll mention in this post will be embraced with open arms next A/W.

Menswear A/W Inspiration

Cosy Colours

The colours that will be in every window of every shop that contains men’s fashion, will be neutral, warm and simple shades of camel, brown, caramel, taupe and every off-cream shade you can imagine. I find this colour very confusing when it comes to girls, but I always think it works on guys pretty well. Even though I’m a lover of bold, bright colours on guys, these shades are easy for almost every style genre of men.

Double Breasted Tailoring

If I saw any guy my age passing me in the halls of the college wearing a Mac Coat I think I’d probably end up passing out. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always had such a soft spot for Mac Coats when it comes to menswear so when I saw the trend of double breasted coats reoccurring on the runway, I couldn’t help but hope that there will be more guys around me wearing Mac Jackets. However I’m not denying that most double breasted coats are stunning when they are tailored right, and lie just below the bum (however when it goes to the knee, I personally think it’s much harder to pull off…)

Check Mate

Whether it’s simple check shirts (which personally I’m not a fan of), Boldly check patterned suits, or even a long-line check scarf, but whatever it is if it has the check print on it it’ll be considered as an on trend piece next winter. Here’s hoping check suits will be everywhere when all the college balls roll around…

World War Wonders

Back in the days of the the War, fashion was obviously not the first thing on everyone’s minds but it was something that ended up becoming an iconic trait of that era. Think aviator jackets, military jackets, and yet again long-line double breasted coats. I guess it’s the perfect time for any guy that ever dreamed of becoming a Solider as a child!

Can we just take some time to appreciate D&G’s suits for next Winter…

Nothing beats a guy in a well-tailored suit, but when it’s boldly printed and designed by D&G, beauty is an understatement. Obviously these suits aren’t for the faint hearted, and certainly wouldn’t suit a large majority of guys, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be appreciated. As the saying goes “A man in a suit to women, is like lingerie on women is to men.”

Stylishly yours,



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