Throwback Trends

I don’t know what it is about the throwback trend this year, but for some reason everyone seems to be absolutely obsessed with it. Whether it’s their general wardrobe suddenly looking like they just stepped out of a time travelling machine, the sudden outburst of era-themed parties and even the music industry sounding like it’s going back in time rather than moving forward, every thing seems to be inspired by the past. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about it, but what does frustrate me about it is when people can’t seem to grasp the idea that every era is different, so I’ve decided to create a short post giving you an insight into how the stylish people of today are achieving the five most popular flashback eras.

Terrific Twenties
If you watch Downtown Abbey, or saw Baz Luhrmanns interpretation of Great Gatsby, you’ll already have a pretty good idea of the style that encapsulates the twenties. Women have it pretty easy because the twenties style was very fun yet incredibly flattering, just think about dresses that are the polar opposite to body-con-Kardashian-like dresses, clothing adorned in sequins and glitter, along with intricately detailed headbands or a bold pull down hat framing a head of sleek curls. While the men need to think of tailored pinstripe suits, inspector gadget trilby hats, and to layer up with braces, waistcoats, along with the beloved bowtie. Twenties for me is the definition of glitz and glamour.

Fabulous Fifties
The fifties, in my opinion, are probably the sexiest era for women because the clothing is all about embracing the female figure, enhancing natural curves, yet keeping it mysterious rather than putting it all on show. Whereas with men, it varies between a tailored, double-breasted suit, or the Danny Zuko inspired greaser look, which can both be easily pulled off in today’s world.

Swinging Sixties

When I was a teenager I always said that if I could time travel back to any era in time, the Sixties would be the one I’d choose. It was the era that brought musical icons like Bob Dylan and The Beatles to light, introduced the world to artists like Roy Liechtenstein and of course filled the world with fashion trends that are still hugely popular today. Think nothing but bold colours, eye-catching patterns, shift dresses, and an overload of quirky, chunky accessories. Whereas guys on the other hand think preppy with a rebellious edge, lots of layers, and of course the all-important slicked up hairdo…go watch Nowhere Boy, and you’ll see what I mean.

Sexy Seventies
Since the Seventies is the main inspiration behind this season’s high-street trends, I’ve already written a blog post on this era’s style. >> Seventies Show <<

Naughty Nineties
Obviously this is one of the best eras because a large majority of the best people were born in this era; one of them being me… Don’t worry I’m only joking, but it is one of the funnest eras in regards to fashion. The nineties were full of wacky colours, denim, baggy comical jumpers, denim, varsity jackets, Doc Martens, oh and did I mention denim? To be honest it’s probably one of the only eras that the clothes created can be worn by both men and women. Think about a mixture of Clueless, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys, now how could you not crack a smile thinking about one of them?

I hope that after reading this post it’ll inspire you to dance around the room to cheesy nineties music for the night, accept the invitation to that throwback party you were unsure of going to, and of course to not be afraid to make tomorrows outfit look like you stepped back in time.

Stylishly yours,



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