Handsome Heartbreakers

As the well-known British designer, Hardy Amies, once said “A man should look as though he has chosen his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.” Personally, I couldn’t agree more. One of the most attractive traits a guy can have is style, paired with the ability to make it look effortless and the attitude that oozes gentlemanly confidence. It seems to be quite rare for this to exist in guys my own age, but I have a good feeling about what lies ahead due to the high style stakes that are beginning to occur due to the wide array of incredibly stylish male youth of celebrity-ville today.  There are four in particular that seem to be appearing on various red carpets, sitting in a handful of front rows and being regularly accompanied by some stunning acquaintances, and I’ve a feeling that they could be a fine source of stylish inspiration for guys today.

Who knew that the super cringey TV programme which surrounded a musical trio of brothers, would actually be a success? I’m not going to deny that I enjoyed watching that show back in the day when I was an incredibly cringey teenage girl, but personally I feel the boys have come a long way since those embarrassing days. I know there are four jo-bros, but only two of them are in the limelight today. Whether it’s being a lovable in-the-closet-jock in Scream Queens, on the arm of one of the fashion industry’s most beautiful women, or showing their lung capacity on stage, Nick and Joe Jonas are regular occurrences in today’s showbiz world. They tend to have a love for fedora hats, bold patterned suits and leather jackets, which wouldn’t be to every guys taste but it’s certainly a style worth risking. Obviously they are both stylish in their own right, but I just can’t hide the fact that a stylish gene must run in their family, alongside the heart-breakingly handsome gene.

Brooklyn Beckham
How this boy is only sixteen years old, baffles me. I know that he’s the eldest son of two beautiful, incredibly successful and highly respected people, but I just can’t comprehend the idea that he is so handsome even though he’s still at such a young age. Brooklyn Beckham may be a genetically blessed boy, but he is also someone who has got an impeccable sense of style as he always gets the ‘sports luxe’ look down to perfection. I know most guys reading this blog would be over the age of sixteen, but if you take his age out of the equation, what guy wouldn’t be able to find influence in his minimalist wardrobe?

Miles Teller
I am in love with this man, that is all I shall say.
Okay even though that is pretty much a true fact because I genuinely think he is such a great upcoming actor, with simple yet impeccable style, a sarcastic attitude that results in people hating him so much they love him, and of course his rugged good looks, so this little ramble may be a bit biased. Whether it’s playing a talented tortured drummer, a heartbreaking charmer, an arrogant antagonist or a supernatural hero, Mr Teller has certainly them all at the tender age of twenty-eight. His style is effortlessly tailored, along with dashes of wacky patterns here and there, and of course you can’t talk about Mr Tellers style without talking about his love of boots and hi-tops, since he seems to have a wide array of them.

I know most guys just wear what they want, and what they think suits them but I can’t express enough how important it is to play around with your style. Girls do it the whole time, so why can’t guys follow suit?
I know many are scared of looking bad, but you’re not going to find out if something doesn’t suit you unless you try it in the first place. As I always say “Everything deserves a chance, so don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it.”

Stylishly yours,



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