Winter Soilder

Stylish men and winter seem to go hand-in-hand so well that it makes even Cara Delevingne look out of place on the runway. Girls seem to blossom during the summer months because most girls have an addiction to floral patterns, can’t resist the chance to wear a pair of denim shorts, and love the excuse to have their make-up and hair as natural as possible, whereas guys tend to hide in the shadows because they refuse to wait sandals/flip-flops, only half of them will brave a pair of shorts, and a large majority of them find it hard to balance their wardrobe with the “warmer” weather. Therefore as soon as the cooler weather rolls in, the stylish guys shine. Along with the man bun and the bearded beauty look, there are also fashion trends that are becoming just as popular.

The Aviator
As much as I want to talk about the 2004 Leo Dicaprio film, I can’t. The Aviator look seems to be sweeping through our favourite high street shops at an awfully fast speed. The usual aviator shades have always been popular amongst guys when protecting their eyes from the wintery glare, but this season it’s all about the sheepskin lined jacket, whether it’s leather or a bomber, just make sure you get one. They’re usually styled the best when paired with skinny jeans or chinos. If you really want to look super stylish, make those trousers ankle grazers. Just one thing I would recommend; if you’re a gentleman don’t go throwing it over the shoulders of a gorgeous girl that you like, because I can guarantee she won’t give it back very easily…

Old Reliable

When it comes to our winter wardrobes, chunky knits are one thing that should always be at the front of the rail, or the to[ of the drawer, because a simple chunky knit jumper can do so much. You can look stylish if you choose wisely, you’ll be far from cold, and you can wear any sort of tee underneath because nobody will see it, genius. Obviously you can get a thick knit jumper in almost any colour, but this year it’s all about the grey knits. Whether it’s a plain grey aran-knit jumper, a striped grey jumper, or one with all the fifty shades of grey mixed in, whatever it may be just make it Christian..I mean grey.

Just Shirt Up

Shirts have always been, and will always be, a necessity in every mans wardrobe. Whether they’re only worn for interviews, or they’re a regularly worn item of clothing, every guy should have at-least one in their wardrobe. I’ve said on numerous occasions that check shirts are pretty vital to every menswear section in shops, but this season I’ve a feeling that bolder patterned shirts will be making more of a comeback due to the injection of the seventies style, high-collared, possibly buttoned-up ones in particular that is. Obviously a large majority of guys are going to be beyond terrified to wear floral, but sometimes a little fear never hurts.

Puss in Boots
If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I’ve a big weakness when guys wear boots. Now I obviously don’t mean work-boots, I mean desert boots, Chelsea boots, lace up boots, and even fitted hi-top running boots, I don’t know why but I always have. I think it’s because it’s rare to see a guy other than a celebrity wearing boots these days, but I’ve got high hopes for this winter…

Stop. Waist a minute.
As you can tell, I’m listening to ‘Uptown Funk‘ as I write this part of the post, and I’m not one bit ashamed. The more I watch that video, and see Mark Ronson, the more I love the impeccably tailored look. Then again what girl doesn’t love a man in a suit? However I personally prefer when a guy has the ability to merge a suit and somewhat-casual style, especially when that’s with a waistcoat. If any guy has the guts to pull off a waistcoat, over a high-collared shirt, paired with skinny jeans or chinos and I guess whatever shoes they think suits. A well-tailored waistcoat is the key to it all.

Fashion isn’t just for girls, and being stylish is one thing that you guys should start embracing because a well-dressed guy is hard to find and is probably one of the most attractive qualities a guy can have.

Stylishly yours,



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