Be you, and nobody else.

When a new season rolls around, I can’t help but change the people who are the inspiration behind my style. Since this upcoming autumnal season I cannot help but take notes from the famous faces that have a knack for everything seventies. Usually for some reason, when the winter season come around so does my cravings for the rebellious look. I tend to blame that on Gossip Girl because no matter how many times i rewatch those six seasons my favourite character has been, and will always be Miss Jenny Humphrey. However, I think this season I’m going to stick to the Seventies style because sometimes a girl just needs a new start.

Perrie Edwards
I just want to say Zayn Malik, big mistake…
When this girl was just seventeen years old, she auditioned for the X-Factor, put into a girl group with three complete strangers, and her world was suddenly turned upside down. Perrie Edwards is possibly one of the most underrated musicians out there in regards to her style. People associate her with her natural beauty, her unique vocal chords, and her previous relationship with former One Direction star Mr Malik, but she is rarely talked about in regards to her style. I’ve always had a soft spot for this bright eyed beauty, but this year I’ve become practically addicted to her Instagram outfit shots, her red carpet appearances and even just her simple paparazzi shots. To me, Ms Edwards has really stood out from the crowd and isn’t afraid of dressing the way she wants to dress, which is something that doesn’t come often in girlbands. She has gone through many style changes from teenager to young adult, and hipster to hippy, the girl really isn’t afraid of change, but personally I adore her love for seventies style so much this year that I can’t help but hope she doesn’t change again anytime soon.

Gigi Hadid
This young lady is probably one of the most talked about twenty year olds of 2015, and for once I can actually understand why. She began modelling at the incredibly tender age of two years old, and she has dipped her toes in and out of the industry ever since, but last year she made her big debut at New York Fashion Week and her name as never left the air since. Similar to Ms Edwards, her name has been largely associated with her chosen companions but this year she’s been lucky enough to build up a reputation all on her own, one of which that is filled with a glorious array of stylish ensemblés.

Florence Welch
If anyone can make the seventies era look like the most stylish eras that ever existed. What can I say about Ms Welch, other than I absolutely adore her. I’ve loved her music ever since ‘Dog Days are Over’ blasted onto the radio, her style ever since I watched the original garden party themed video for it, and of course she put redheads on the map. As all redheads know, you can’t pass through your teenage years without getting hassle about your hair colour and you spend years hating that the gene was ever passed onto you, but Ms Welch made all that change for me. Yeah I wished I was a different hair colour for years but seeing her flaming red (dyed) hair become her trademark, made me finally appreciate how lucky I was to be a natural ginge. Her style is also a huge inspiration to me, I’ve never been confident enough to follow in her footsteps but I’m hoping that this year I’ll be brave enough to embrace it.

Trends come go and go, celebrities fate can change in a flash, fashion is of course one of the most ever-changing industries to ever exist, but inspiration can come from anything and anyone. Don’t be afraid to be inspired by things around you, don’t be scared to let people in and have an impact on your style/attitude, and certainly don’t be terrified by change. The past few weeks alone have contained many changes, some scary, some I wish I didn’t make, some resulting in tears, but then there has also been changes that have resulted in fits of laughter, jaw-paining smiles, and even new friends, so even though changes can result badly, some can also result in memories that will last a lifetime. So take risks, be bold, and embrace the change, you more-than-likely won’t regret it.

Stylishly yours,



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