September Issue

I cannot believe September has already rolled around, and summer has come to an end. Now I must admit that this summer has been one of the most incredible seasons for me. Yes a few things have occurred that I wish didn’t, but overall it was brilliant. What girl can say they spent half of their summer in Paris, and half at home which resulted in getting a small marketing internship, two pieces published in a popular regional paper, and a new job? Lets just say I’ve a pretty good feeling about the months ahead. I’ve never been one to get excited for winter to begin, but this year I have to throw my hands up and say I’m looking forward to it, mainly because of the trends ahead.
As you all know I adored how the rails of my favourite high street stores were flooded with nothing but Seventies style, so you can only imagine how happy I am to see that style stay. However I’m not looking forward to seeing girls in nightclubs embracing the trend and failing miserably at it. There are so many pieces that I can already see girls wearing awfully, and thinking they’re wearing them beautifully, but what can you do? For me though, there are five items in particular that you can’t go without this season.

Score a Pinafore
When I was a little girl my mom had such a soft spot for Pinafores, and I’ve a feeling that next time I go shopping with her she’ll pick one up off the rails and hint at me to purchase one. Personally I never liked them, but the more I see them on the street with chunky heeled boots, thick denier tights, and a biker jacket, the more I start to like them. This season though the they’re mostly crated using a warm coloured corduroy fabric, not the traditional denim. Obviously this trend isn’t for everyone because a large amount of girls will think they look ‘childish’ in one, but I think if paired with the right accessories they can look awesome.

Knee high & Sky high
If you’re an avid follower of my blog and my social networking sites, you’ll remember that I spent months drooling over knee-high boots and craved a pair of them but never had the guts to purchase them. However this year I’m going to try build up the courage to make an investment. It won’t be an expensive one, but there’ll definitely be one. If you’re going to follow suit, I’ve got a few recommendations for you: Make sure they’re suede, chunky heeled (not skinny heeled as they tend to look trashy), and a somewhat comfortable height. Other than that, the colour and leg-height is all in your hands.

Autumnal Shades
Last Winter nobody wore clothing that wasn’t in the shade of grey, black or beige, and I hated it. But thankfully this upcoming winter the colours are nothing but warm, cosy and bold. Just think about bold burgundy suede items, plum purple knitted jumpers, deep green handbags, caramel coloured coats, and everything that screams cosyness. How could a girl not love getting to wear everything in those shades?

Luxurious Leather
If you do not have a leather jacket in your wardrobe, you’re a little bit of a fashionable disgrace. In my eyes a leather jacket is more important than an LBD because you can wear it at anytime of the day, with any outfit, and usually in almost any weather. I’ve currently three different leather jackets in my wardrobe, and I still want to add another one to it, preferably a burgundy fur lined one. Fur/Sheerling lined ones seem to absolutely everywhere this season, which is particularly perfect for the constantly ever-changing Irish weather. It also screams ‘Charlies Angels’, which is a feeling that every girl secretly would love to achieve every once in a while.

Polar Opposite
Think super cosy, all wrapped up, snuggling your chin under a thick knit fabric, and that’s pretty much what polar neck jumpers are. This season they’re all the rage, and you won’t be complaining one bit if you wear one on a chilly winters day. Now the only fault I have about this trend is that the style of polar necks out there at the moment are all sleeveless, and that wouldn’t exactly be my style of top, but if I find a chunky knit (hopefully aran-jumper-style), long-sleeved one, I’ll more than likely be buying it in every colour possible!

This winter is going to be a fun filled one, I can feel it…
Stylishly yours,


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  1. Cant wait for more mini skirts and flares! And boots… Already shopping. Great post!


    1. hannahheww says:

      I know right? I think every girl is dying to unleash their inner Mila Kunis from ‘That Seventies Show’ this season! x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Shaurya says:

    Great it❤
    Xx Shaurya
    Check out my blog


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