Boys always have it easy.

When a new season rolls around every girl tends to get a little nervous of what’s to come. What kind of outfits will other girls be wearing, what clothing items will be flooding their shops, and what pieces in their wardrobe will they be able to get another season out of. Guys on the other hand? Well there’s really only two types of guys in the world: One tends to wear whatever their friends or favourite sports stars are wearing, regardless of if it suits them or not. The other wears whatever they want, whenever they want and doesn’t care less about the weather/season that’s surrounding them. However no matter how hard guys may try to stick to their usual style, it can still be incredibly difficult because high street shops are constantly changing their stock to suit the upcoming season and trends. Sometimes the change in season brings a very particular style of menswear, but luckily enough this summer’s mens trends seems to be somewhat open minded. Buuuuut I can’t deny that there are a few pieces that I do love seeing on the male mannequins of popular high street stores, five pieces in particular…

When girls think of boots they automatically think of their winter wardrobe, but for some reason guys don’t tend to think the same. When I was living in Paris I noticed that a large majority of men were wearing suede Desert boots, or a pair of Chelsea boots with simple denim shorts (or the very Parisian ankle-grazer jeans),  and I couldn’t help but smile at how good that combination looked. Then when I strolled around the shops last weekend I noticed that those boots were becoming popular, and I think that every guy should have at least one pair of Desert or Chelsea boots in the end of their closet for the months ahead.

Jean Shorts
This might seem very obvious and simple, but you’d be surprised at how many guys don’t own a single pair of denim shorts. I know the summer weather mightn’t be the greatest in Ireland, but that doesn’t mean shorts shouldn’t be worn. If I could wear a pair today and since guys supposedly never feel the cold then there’s no reason for any guy not to have a pair of denim shorts in their wardrobe, especially since they come in almost every colour wearable.

Rolled-up Shirts
I’ve always been a sucker for a guy in a shirt, and it’s true when people say a leopard never changes it’s spots. I haven’t seen much of this look here, but I saw a lot of it in Paris. It’s simply the combination of what I’ve already mentioned, so a pair of denim shorts and boots, along with a check shirt. The key to making it look good though is all in the rolled up sleeves. The great thing about a check shirt is that it looks just as good open with a t-shirt underneath, open (if you’ve got a good body) in the hot weather, buttoned up to the top, and simply only buttoned 3/4s of the way up, so you cant complain about it being hard to wear…


Snap Out of It
queue Alex Turners voice* I’ve always hated snapbacks, but the more I see guys wearing them backwards this summer, the more I’m actually starting to like them. I always hated how guys wore these peaked caps sitting on the tops of their heads rather than actually wearing them like proper hats. But thankfully this season guys are turning them around and I have to admit that they look ten times better, then again who didn’t like the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air‘?

Obviously trends are forever changing, and when it comes to guys fashion there are a lot of pieces I strongly dislike such as anything tracksuit related, tank tops, t-shirts with half naked women on the front, and of course sandals, but each to their own…

Stylishly yours,



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