Seventies Show

Forrest Gump was set largely in this era, Mad Mens final series embraced this time, and of course a huge handful of musicians evolved during these ten years, but now the clothing that was worn back then is back on the rails of our high street stores today. Most women find new trends incredibly daunting and feel unable to adapt their own wardrobes in order to fit in, but once you’ve got one of these five pieces you’ll be ready to be the perfect replacement for Ms Kunis’ in ‘That Seventies Show‘…

All Work, Needs Play
A few summers back I was first introduced to Playsuits and I’ve been obsessed with wearing them ever since. I packed over ten different versions of them for Paris (even though I was told they were impractical) and looking back now I wish I had packed much more. Playsuits have so many appealing qualities about them from comfort to style, and practicality to individuality, I don’t see how a girl could not love them. They seem to be a recurring trend every summer, but they always have something different about them. This year it’s all about playsuits with long sleeves, either gathered at the wrist or bell-sleeved, and more than likely framing your decolletage with a deep-v. I find this style of playsuit a little difficult to wear, but then again that’s mainly because every time I wear my black and pink floral one my boyfriend has a tendency to compare them to pyjamas. Oh there are some things that Boys will never understand about fashion…

  photo 1

Unleash your inner Sally Draper
I may only be halfway through season five of Mad Men, but after taking a sneak peak at the trailers and promo photos for when season seven took place, I can’t help but want a rummage through Sally Drapers wardrobe. Yes she was always a little brat, but you can’t help but love her constant boldly determined attitude and of course her wide array of perfectly on-trend dresses. Now I know that the dresses that we see on the mannequins in the windows of our high street stores aren’t the exact same as Ms Draper’s, but the swing dresses that she wore in the show have certainly been a huge inspiration behind the ones that we see on the racks. They come in a wide array of patterns, necklines and sometimes even lengths, but the one thing they all have in common is their lightweight, a-line shape that flatters almost every female figure. Whether you wear them with a pair of gladiator sandals, chunky wedges or even tights & ankle-boots, just once you enjoy not having to worry about your waistline for a rare few hours.


Hat’s the Key
If you really want to “hit the nail on the head” with the seventies trend all you need to throw in is a wide-brimmed floppy hat. You don’t even need to style your hair a certain way because it suits messier hair, you don’t need to layer up on make-up because it works better over a pair of shades, and you don’t even need to be bold with your outfit because it suits a simple tee and denim shorts perfectly. Obviously you can wear one with whatever you’d like, you could even wear it alongside a full on seventies themed outfit like many famous faces do, that can’t seem to get enough of the era, or you can go simple, just don’t forget to be you with whatever you do.

 Style favourite: Rachel Zoe wore bell bottoms and Chanel on Thursday, left, as well as on Wednesday night, right 

Wide or Hide
Whether you like them patterened or plain, wide-leg trousers are one item of clothing that you should definately chance and add to your wardrobe this season. They’re absolutely everywhere at the moment and I have to admit I was wary of them for a bit, but as soon as I tried on a pair last weekend and within twenty-four hours I was wearing them out. They mightn’t seem flattering, but yet they are and on so many levels. They hug your bum without making you look like a Kardashian, they elongate your legs making you look taller (which is one thing I never turn down), and they’re so incredibly comfortable which is something no girl can willingly turn down in fashion. You can wear them with a simple tee and flats, you can pair them with a lace top and wedges, or you can do like many girls have been doing (but isn’t my favourite look at the moment) and coordinate a crop top with them, they genuinely are so easy to wear.


Fringes you won’t regret
Whether your thirteen or thirty I bet that you’re just like me and once braved cutting your hair into a fringe, which you now can’t look back on without cringing. But don’t worry that’s not the kind-of fringe that’s on trend this season, think more Indian style fringed bags, glitzy fringe skirts and even bold fringed flats, the kind you won’t look back on with regret. It’s not the seventies inspired trend that women are going to embrace without caution because it’s not exactly the most practical trend but hey, if Blake Lively can do it why can’t you?


Time travel may not be physically possible, but with a little tweak to your wardrobe you can feel like you’re back there in no time…x.

             Stylishly yours,



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