Nowhere to be found

Why is it always that when you’re in search of something in particular, you can’t seem to find it anywhere?
Ever since Spring began I’ve been in search of a pair of knee-high gladiator sandals. I’ve seen them on various street style websites, on the feet of the fashion worlds best bloggers, in the windows of designer stores, but not a single pair in any high street shop. I’ve been told there’s a pair in Primark but sadly I couldn’t find them in the Creteil Primark here. I’m not picky about colour, I’m not really picky about the design, I’m not even picky about not having something between my toes, and I’m always picky about that when looking for sandals! However I can guarantee that because I want a pair this summer, they’ll be absolutely everywhere next summer and I’ll be sick of looking at them on the legs of every teenage girl around. It always seems to happen when I’m in search of a particular item of clothing or accessory.

Every trend begins on the runway.
If you stroll into one of your favourite high street stores and there’s a new accessory, an overload of a new shade of blue, or a reinvention of a swimsuit, there’s a 99.9% chance that it’s because those pieces were created by well known designers for the upcoming seasons new collection. People give out about fashion shows, constantly rant about the size of models, whine about a shows front row, but no matter what the runway is where everything in fashion begins…


Celebrities can afford them.
Whether you’re a bohemian queen like Vanessa Hudgens, a non-stop mother like Kourtney Kardashian, or an effortlessly chic lady like Naya Rivera, these sandals could easily work for you and happily bring you from day to night…

Famous Bloggers can get them.
It’s crazy how much impact fashion bloggers have on the world today. They’ve become the modern day opinion leaders, because everything they wear seems to be absolutely everywhere the following month. That is obviously thanks to these women being insanely addicted to social networking and using every application and website to their full advantage. A trick that I hope to one day perfect…


Everyone but me seems to be able to find them…
Hence, if you happen to come across a pair don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m a size four, just incase you’re wondering…

Stylishly yours,



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