Through the Looking Glass

Every year a certain event takes place at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, that is organised by the editor of American Vogue, Anna Wintour. It has a specific theme and dress code every year which results from the exhibition taking place at the time. Everyone who is anyone in the fashion world is invited, the red carpet is sidelined by every reporter and paparazzi known to man, and the exterior of the iconic building is surrounded by thousands of fashion-addict onlookers. Just in case you’re completely and utterly lost, I’m talking about The Annual M.E.T Gala. I can’t resist staying up until the early hours of the morning constantly refreshing my twitter feed in the comfort of my own bed, and this year I did just that. I was curious to see how the beautiful people of the fashion industry would interpret the China inspired theme. My expectations were low due to previous years, but I expected a large array of jewel coloured gowns, intricately detailed necklines and possibly geisha inspired styles. I guess when I think about the little details that I had originally expected, the choices on the night were along those lines but they weren’t as ‘Chinese’ inspired as I had hoped they’d be…

Leaders of the Pack

There’s always a handful of unforgettable outfit choices on the red carpet of every event, but personally I feel that there were three in particular that stole the show for me, and no it wasn’t Rhianna with her canary yellow fur ensemblé. As most of you know I’ve a massive soft spot for Lady Gaga so when I saw her step onto the red carpet in that stunning Balenciaga kimono and embellished jumpsuit, I couldn’t help but smile at how she embraced the trend, and was typically bold, but yet all in simple shades of black and silver. SJP was another favourite on the night in a beautiful high street silk gown from her collaboration collection with H&M, a pair of stilettos from her own shoe brand, and an exquisite headpiece from the icon that is Philip Traecy, does SJP ever disappoint at the MET Gala? One girl that compleltly surprised me and I haven’t been able to stop talking about her wardrobe choice since is upcomingly famous actress/singer, Zendaya. She wore a beautiful hi-low, custom made Fausto Puglis gown, that adhered to the trend perfectly but still oozed youth and fun, which is how the MET Ball red carpet should be done, *cough* Kendall Jenner *cough*.

The Red Ravens

The colour of the night is one that is considered the shade of ‘good luck’ in China, and I have to admit is also one of my favourite colours; Red. Sadly not many of the stars that chose this colour actually braved the theme of the night but they certainly looked beautiful. One of the style icons of the past year, a newbie to the red carpet and a wife to one of the most coveted men in Hollywood, looked like a goddess in John Galliano on the night…Amal Clooney. I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever seen her look bad. Hailee Steinfeld was another star who stunned in red. Even though she didn’t really look inspired by the Chinese theme, she still looked gorgeous in the simple Michael Kors gown. My favourite red raven on the night though was Ms Delevingne in a Marchesa gown that was adorned in the flowers that has the same name as her…Poppy. Then again mixing a big style influence of mine with one of the best designer duo of the 21st Century, how could it go wrong?

So. Much. Skin.

Many posts ago I raved about the upcoming sheer trend, but now I take it all back. Yes I admit that I love skirts that are full length, but sheer enough to see your legs through the fabric, but now I’m pretty sick of the trend. The attitude I have towards this trend is a bit similar to the one I had about the side-boob fad, compleltly overrated and a little unnecessary. Yes I know Kim Kardashian has killer curves, I know Beyonce has got the body of every woman’s dream and that Jennifer Lopez has never lost that Jenny-from-the-block bottom, but that doesn’t mean we need to see every angle of their bodies. Now I do salute them for having the confidence to bare as much skin as they did on the night but, come on ladies, you have children for crying out loud and they really don’t need to see that much of their moms body on google images in years to come.

The good, the bad and the downright ugly.

There are always handful of disappointing outfit choices when it comes to the celebrity filled red carpet, but I have to say that this year some of them shocked me. Anne Hathaway looked like she was trying to audition for the new Star Wars film in her Ralph Lauren gold, hooded number. Sienna Miller looked like she was about to start a bullfight in a sequined Thakoon two-piece. Chloe Seiveny…just….no…


Lets just say putting Karen Elson in Dolce and Gabanna was one of the best styling choices ever made…

Until next year fashionistas…

     Stylishly yours, Hannah.x.


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