Hey There Summer Boy…

Even though March is usually not the month that would make you think of summer, but due to the sunshine filled days that our little island of Ireland has been having these past few days I cannot help but think about summer. As I write this I’m sitting cross-legged with my laptop on the floor, in the sunniest part of my whole house, and  I can’t help but daydream about the summer months ahead. Even though I’m certainly not the most body confident girl you’ll ever meet, but I do love an excuse to strip down into a shaped, floral swimsuit and run straight for the salty sea. However before all those shenanigans take place, we have to take into consideration that even though it may be sunny outside it’s not exactly warm just yet.
As soon as any sort of sunshine come out, us Irish people think it’s automatically roasting hot and that our shorts and tees must be whipped out, but sadly that isn’t the case. We all need to have clothes to transition from the cold winter season to the sunshine filled months of summer, which isn’t too hard but for some reason guys aren’t able to grasp the idea. Most girls know how to transition between seasons without even realizing, but since guys aren’t exactly 100% on the idea I decided to write up a lil’ post that might help the buachalli with the upcoming months…

Even though I never was and probably never will be a huge fan of ‘Double Denim’, but the more I see guys pairing dark grey or black skinny jeans with a blue-shade denim shirt, the more I’m starting to like it. I still hate the trend when women embrace it, but for some reason I think that guys are able to make it work. Even seeing a guy wearing all black, with black skinny jeans (and yes, I do have a thing for guys in skinny – well not glued-to-your-legs skinny!) topped off with a denim jacket is one outfit that I always take a second glance at. It’s the kind-of trend that suits the cooler weather, but if it gets super warm you can just peel it all back, and if it gets too cold all you have to do is throw a hoodie underneath the jacket and you still look just as good. Lets just say if you’re a guy and don’t have a denim shirt in your wardrobe this season…you’ll be missing out.

Mac Attack

This season is certainly the time of the trench coat, or as many people call them a ‘mac’. I’ve always had quite a soft spot for these coats because they always make an outfit look stylish, even if you’re just wearing a pair of jeans, converse and a plain tee. It’s a style coat that works for both genders, but I have to admit that the paler/neutral shades suit women, whereas guys look incredibly handsome in darker shade macs. You can purchase a mac coat in almost any colour but if you want to be 100% on trend this season, a navy mac is a must have.

Bold Bríste

This is one trend that is absolutely everywhere this season, but it’s not exactly one that is easy to embrace. When we all think of summer we cannot help but think of bright, bold colours straight away so this summer is absolutely no different. bright coloured chino shorts is a massive trend this summer, especially in the various shades of reds and pinks. Obviously not many guys will be able to embrace this trend with open arms, but if you’re brave enough then why not? Just pair it with a plain tee or shirt (denim shirt works really well with pink shorts), and either a pair of vans, converse, or possibly even flip flops, and go from there…

Desert Dreams

I can guarantee that if you ask your mom about ‘Desert Boots’ she’d start reminiscing about how she used to put lil’ desert boots on you when you were a kid because these used to be a pretty popular style choice for baby boys. However they look ten times better on a grown guy, whether you go for a safe shade of grey or navy, or take a chance and brave a bold shade of red or green, they should be a key part of every mans wardrobe. What’s great about these boots is that they can be worn casually with jeans, super dressy with a suit, or even thrown on with a pair of coordinating chinos, so how could you not want a pair this upcoming season?

I hope you guys are now starting to look forward to the (hopefully) sunshine filled months ahead, and are not unafraid of what to stock up your wardrobe with, in order to look that ‘lil bit stylish.

Stylishly yours,


P.S: I’m really so sorry about being so crappy with updating recently but for some reason I just want able to shake off my writers block. Hopefully now it’s well gone and that I can start flooding you guys and girls with fashion filled, style savy posts so you can keep yourself upto date with all the upcoming trends this season.


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