Armed and Deadly

Springtime is probably my favourite season of every year, because the weather usually gets a little bit better, the daylight lasts longer, the flowers start to bloom, the grass gets a little bit greener, and of course, the fashion gets so much better. As you all know my personal style goes rapidly downhill as soon as the winter season kicks in, but thankfully it usually starts to pick up when the season of spring kicks in. As the spring stock is only starting to fill the clothing rails of our favourite high street stores, it’s difficult for most women to interpret which trends will be the most prominent for the months ahead. However if you’re like me and are absolutely addicted to every runway show, every stylish celebrity, every fashion programme and are a regular reader of well-known fashion magazines, then you’ll have a pretty good idea of the trends that are going to adorn every mannequin in sight.
As there’s never just one trend that becomes popular, I won’t fill this post with every upcoming spring/summer trend, instead I’ll inform you of one of my favourite upcoming trends and has always been one fashion trend that I’ve adored since I was a lil’un.. Military. Every season there always seems to be a hint of military style that we can’t seem to avoid so I’ve a feeling that you already have more than one piece of clothing in your wardrobe already that falls under this popular trend. However if you live under a rock and don’t own a single piece of this style clothing then maybe you should stay put and keep reading…

Trusty Trench
Trench coats have always been considered as a key item that every woman should have in their wardrobe. It wouldn’t be a suitable piece for the colder days, but as soon as the weather begins to get a little warmer it becomes an everyday wardrobe staple. It most commonly comes in a beige colour, but this season the khaki shade of the mac is slowly starting to creep in.

I was never a huge fan of the camouflage print so I’m not massively keen on this item of clothing, but when celebrities like Cara Delevingne wears this print on a jacket, you can’t hide from the trend. It can be worn really well with denim and black, but if you’re brave enough clashing with bold colours could work better than you think.

Sacred Skinnies
As you all know I’m a skinny jean girl. No matter what style of jeans that are in style, I’ll always end up resorting back to my sacred skinny jeans. I know many women say that skinny jeans are impossible to wear, but I think they’re an incredibly timeless denim piece once you get the right fit. Personally I like when they’re high-waisted and then a little ‘bunched up’ around the ankles, while others prefer them skin tight. There are many different styles, but if you want to be on trend with them this season, embrace the khaki coloured denim or camouflaged print.

Cargo Carnage
I hate to admit this but I’m very tempted to make a sneaky purchase of a pair of cargo pants. I just love the idea of being comfortable yet incredibly stylish, and these pants a perfect example of just that. Hey, if Jessica Alba can get away with them then why can’t you?

Jump on it
Jumpsuits are back, and I couldn’t be happier. However this upcoming season they’re a little bit different as the jumpsuit shape is more like a ‘mechanics’ overall rather than a hippy-like one piece. When I first saw this style jumpsuit I was a bit cautious, but when I tried one on I loved it because it was fitted on my waistline yet loosely comfortable everywhere else, so if you want a ready-to-go outfit with little effort, this is certainly the item of clothing you’ll need this season.

Obviously there are various other on-trend pieces that will be flooding our high street shops soon in the army shade of Khaki, such as parka jackets (which is one of my fashion pet hates!), loosely fitted tees, pencil skirts, bodycon dresses, maxi skirts, and many other clothing items that might happen to take your fancy, but the ones I spoke about above are the ones I predict will be most popular with today’s society.

Stylishly yours,

Hannah .x.


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