Sports Luxe

Every time the new year rolls in people seem to become automatically obsessed with the idea of “Getting fit“. Now I have to admit that I’m usually one of those people, but due to my lack of any sporting ability I never seem to have the motivation to do it. However this year I’m hoping to finally get back into some sort of training regime, mainly for three reasons. The first reason is due to my obsession and envy of every Victoria Secret Model under the sun. Now I know I have absolutely no hope in ever looking like one of those girls, but I’d just like to be more toned in certain areas (if only I didn’t love my food so much) like those iconic models. Secondly I just want to become a little fitter, so I could be able to run up a few flights of stairs without getting breathless or be able to power walk in an effortless manner, just simple little things really. Lastly, I just can’t help but fall for all the gorgeous, brightly coloured sports gear that is swamping the rails of nearly every high street store out there. Once the super-cold weather starts to ease off, hopefully I’ll take the chance, fulfill my “resolution” and embrace the running trend…maybe even the Phoebe way if I’m brave enough!

I have to say that a large majority of the sportswear out there is very daunting due to their bold fluorescent colours, their fitted lycra fabrics, and even their terrifying bra-like tops, but I promise most of them are worth embracing if you’re thinking of increasing your fitness level. Many years ago sports wear was only worn by girls that were passionate about sports, fitness and saw sport as a large part of their life. However nowadays sports wear is seen as fashion, as something that can be worn in a stylish way and make you look good. When I first saw sports-like clothing on the runway I was dreading the trend hitting the high-street, but the more I see it, the curiouser I become.

Runaway Baby
I’m still on edge about this trend, but I have to say that some girls pull it off really well. I’m not keen on it because it brings back aaaaaaall the bad memories I have of my one of the fashion pet-hates I had when I was younger. Asics with jeans. A larger majority of guys did this and didn’t see anything wrong with it, however I hated it just as much as I hate socks and sandals. However the more and more I see girls wear brightly coloured sports runners with jeans, jumpsuits, shorts or really any fashionable clothing, I must admit that it is starting to grow on me.

Tacky Trackies
When you’ve spent your school years hating people that wore grey “fatman” tracksuits on a daily basis, you can’t help but cringe every time you see someone wearing them nowadays. I have to admit that I still really dislike this trend, but I have seen some girls wear them in a way that screams effortlessly stylish, and they don’t look one bit trashy. To pull the “lazy-yet-stylish” look off with baggy tracksuit pants that are fitted at the ankle, it usually requires confidence, a good pair of heels and very subtle coloured clothing on the top half of your body. They come in various different fabrics such as pleather, cotton and the most-common fleece fabric, however they tend to come in only black or grey shades. If you can pull these off, I have an incredibly amount of respect for you…

A Dressy Number

Yet again this is one trend I’d have no hope of being able to pull off, and I have yet to come across a girl (that’s not a street style, fashion blogger) that makes this item of clothing look good, but hey the spring/summer season has only just begun. The idea of wearing a baggy baseball-like jersey, with a large number on the front of it, as a dress is something that would never appeal to me. But after seeing various fashion bloggers embrace this trend, I’ve seen how they can make a girl look good. It’s almost a mysterious look because it’s shapeless and high-neck, which would cover up a girls curves, however it’s short enough to allow girls to flaunt their glossy pins. It’s a brave look and I have to say that if you’re single it might be off-putting for guys, as it tends to look like you’re wearing a guys oversized shirt, rather than a t-shirt dress.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I have a pretty strong hatred for bralets and fitted crop tops, so I’m not entirely fond of this look but if you’re sporty, have a super toned stomach and have confidence to burn, then why the hell not take the chance and wear a sports bra as outerwear. I have to say that looking at various girls that have made this work they’ve done it by pairing it with baggier clothes to contrast against the fitted-lycra fabric, and it’s worked pretty well. I wouldn’t recommend it for the faint-hearted though…

Even though I may not be jumping at the chance to wear any of these items of clothing, but I have to say that if you’re a sporty girl or just love the “sports luxe” trend, then you should go for it. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet, eh?

Stylishly yours,



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