Red Carpet Season

Every year the red carpet season kicks off as soon as the new year rolls in, and it’s the one time where late nights are never a problem for me. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always loved the award season, because it has always been (and will always be) a tradition between my sisters and I to analyse every red carpet ensemblé the next day and spend hours discussing our favourites. So this year is absolutely no different!
Sooooo I may have stayed up until one in the morning to watch the live feed from the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday “night”, I may have purposely gotten up early this morning to take a nosey at the Critics Choice awards, and I may more than likely stay up until all hours to watch the stars arriving at this years 87th Academy Awards on the 22nd of February.
Every year brings many different trends to these iconic red carpets, which is probably the main reason why all of us fashion girls sit eagerly awaiting the photos from the event. This year there has been five trends in particular that have already caught my eye, which will hopefully follow on to the Oscars, Grammy’s and every other award show coming up within the next few months.

Beautiful Behinds
When it comes to high society events I always believe that the main focus of the dress shouldn’t always be on the front, because you’ll more than likely be walking away from people you don’t like so you want to make them envy your gown even when you’re storming away. You also want the photographs of your rear to look just as good as your portrait shots, which is probably the reason why “bold backs” seem to be a huge trend this year. Whether you go for an oversized messy bow like Emma Stone at the Golden Globes (which was without a doubt my favourite outfit from the night!), a waterfall-bow cascading from your bodice like Resse Witherspoon at the Critics Choice Awards, or a bold cowl-neck sequined back like Desi Lydic. I think that if you want to make a statement this year at any sort of event, a detailed back on your dress will certainly get you talked about.

Fifty Shades of Grey
I know that this time next month the most talked about film of the year will be hitting our screens and I’ve a feeling that even though many peoples refuse to talk about, when Valentines day swings around everyone will be craving a sneak peek. For some reason many famous women seem to love the idea so much that they’re embracing it as the colour scheme of their red carpet gowns. Even the main girl Dakota Johnson choose a sequined “50 shades” piece for this years Golden Globes aswell as Julianne Moore, also along with Sarah Hyland’s sheer number at the Peoples Choice Awards and even though I wasn’t keen on it, she did look stunning. The Critics Choice red carpet was a similar story with Angelina Jolie’s beautiful Atelier Versace silk dress. I think that silver, off-white, grey or any shade that’s considered greyish will be a common trend on the upcoming red carpet.

One trend I never really understood was the whole “side boob” look or the “cutaway sides” because I always saw it as quite a tacky style. No offence to any women that adores these trends because I have to say that some girls pull it off flawlessly, but I’ve seen many girls on college nights out that make it look trashy so I can’t help but dislike it. However after analysing the red carpet images from this years Golden Globes, I’m now 50/50 about the look. I must admit if I had a body like Kate Hudson, a cleavage like J-Lo, and curves like fellow-redhead Jessica Chastain, I’d probably attempt to pull it off too, and boy did they do this trend justice!

Suit Up
Back in the day everyone laughed at Gabrielle Chanel when she began to wear suits on a regular basis instead of forcing herself into laced up corsets and full skirts, but thankfully she changed fashion forever by being bold and doing this. However it’s only recently that women have become braver when strolling the red carpet, by following Chanel’s footsteps by wearing suits. The only difference is they still embrace their womanly assets because they tend to not wear any top underneath their tuxedo jacket. At first I thought this was a bit of a scary trend, but the more I saw it on girls like Cara Delevingne, or on Jennifer Aniston at the People’s Choice Awards, or even on Kim Kardashian as she strutted her way through the streets of NYC. Now I know it won’t be an Oscar loving trend, but I’ve a feeling that it’ll be a huge trend for 2015.

Old Reliable
When it comes to the run up of the iconic red carpet I can’t help but hope that there will be a handful of stunning full skirted couture gowns. I know it sounds very cliché but I just love seeing proper ballgowns on a red carpet, and thankfully young upcoming celebrities like Anna Kendrick, Alison Williams and Greer Grammer heard my wishes and embraced the princess image. The Oscars always bring out these kind-of dresses so I know that they will appear on the night…hopefully…

Hopes, Dreams and Possible Predictions
I can never predict who will wear what for this years Academy Awards, Brits, Grammy’s or any other iconic award show, but I’m hoping that three designers will be popular on the night. Then again, I just want these designers to dress every single woman in Hollywood because they’re just impeccable couture designers.

1) Zac Posen

2)Oscar De La Renta

3) Marchesa

As you can tell I just cannot wait for the Oscar photos to flood in, and every other award show’s red carpet. You can take the girl out of fashion, but you can never take fashion out of the girl!

Stylishly yours,



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