Chunkily Cosy

I had written an awfully good post (well in my opinion it was pretty good) but sadly it didn’t save, even though it said it had on various occasions throughout writing it. As you can imagine I was distraught when I went to publish it and it was nowhere to be found, but I guess that’s what you get for not saving it on another platform. So due to me having put a good few hours into writing that one, this post will be simple, short, and snappy.
Over the past few days Ireland has been getting crazy weather warnings from strong winds to heavy rains to extreme temperature drops, so I’ve found myself frantically rooting through my drawers for my cosy, thick knit jumpers. However due to my lack of love for the winter season my jumper collection isn’t the finest part of my wardrobe, so I’m currently in the process of searching for the perfect thick knit, aran-like jumpers. You’d think that these would be easy to find but they seem to be almost impossible.
Now if you’re a guy looking for chunky knit, cosy jumpers, you won’t have to go far because the high street rails are flooded with these clothing items.

Whereas for us females high street shops don’t seem to realise that we want to be kept warm too. I’ve come across many different jumpers in the women section but for some reason most of them are either too thin, too flimsy, or croped, which requires us to layer up on our tees so we can keep warm on a daily basis. I find this pretty annoying, and it’s actually making me consider buying a few mens jumpers just so I can be warm and stylish. Which is pretty annoying because in high street shops the womens section is usually over twice the size as the mens department, but it still doesn’t have what we want. I’ve seen many fashion bloggers, and stylish women on the street wearing the kind-of jumper I want but when I delve deeper into the blogs and find out where they’ve purchased these jumpers, I tend to arrive at the same outcome every time. That the jumper is either designer, bought at a high price, or vintage, which are three things that I’m not exactly fond of. I’m probably being picky because the style jumper I want is thick knit, chunky, cosy, and preferably has a cowl/roll neckline. I’m not even particular on the colour, so I’m amazed at how this seems to be impossible to find.

IMG 4843 Aran Sweater & Quilted Leather

Now I must admit that cropped knitted jumpers can look gorgeous with a high collared shirt or a bold striped long-sleeved tee underneath, but they’re just not the kind-of jumper that will keep a girl cosy and warm on a cold winters day.

Stylishly yours,


P.S: If you happen to come across the style jumper that I’m talking about, or have one that you’ve bought recently, I would be incredibly grateful if you dropped a comment below letting me know. Also sorry again for the crappy, short post… Hopefully next weeks one won’t disappear into thin air again!


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