I’ve a thing for the colour red…

One thing I always loved about Christmas day is the choosing of the outfit. It was always a tradition in our house to buy a new outfit every year for Christmas day as it was such a significant day, all our family would visit, and we’d visit them, so we always wanted to look extra nice. Thankfully those traditions haven’t changed. Okay I must admit that I don’t exactly have a whole BRAND new outfit for Christmas day this year BUT I haven’t worn it all as one together. So instead of doing what every other blog is doing and telling you what you should wear, I’m just going to essentially summarize the main trends I’ll be wearing and it might help you get inspiration from that…

Plentiful Plaid
One trend I adore this season (as everyone who reads this blog knows…) is Plaid/Tartan. I always loved the print as a kid from wearing tartan mini-skirts on a regular basis at the weekends, or to my love of bold printed tartan tights, and that adoration has never faded away. As soon as I saw it as a recurring trend at all the Fashion weeks back in 2013 when they were showcasing their A/W’14 collections, I couldn’t help but get incredibly excited for the overflow of Tartan that would soon be hitting our high street rails. Therefore since Red is the colour of Christmas, I can’t resist the urge to wear my beloved red tartan skirt from Primark, this Christmas.

Colour Blocking
One rule I have, always have had, and probably always will have, is that 80% of the time your shoes should always be the same, or atleast similar, colour as whatever tights you’re wearing. I think I have this rule because I’m quite an averagely small girl so when I colour block my shoes and tights I feel that it makes my legs look that little bit longer. In all honesty, what girl wouldn’t want to make their legs look longer then they already are? So since I’m embracing the Christmas colour of chili pepper red, I’m going to wear my bold red nylon tights and pair them with my newly purchased, red suede ankle boots which I bought in Marks & Sparks not so long ago. Redhead in Red, sure why not?

Festive Sparkles
There is no way that I can go a Christmas day without having a little bit of sparkle, whether it’s with a statement glitzy necklace, a glitter embellished handbag, or even an on-trend bejeweled phone cover. So when my mom picked up a red long-sleeved fitted t-shirt that’s made from red glittered fabric from Marks & Sparks (my mom just adores that store), I couldn’t turn it down. Especially when it tucks so neatly into my tartan skirt and brings out the silver stitching in the plaid print. I have to admit if I found a red glitter/embellished jumper I would’ve bought it without any doubts, but sadly the high street had nothing of the sort.

Wonderful Waistcoats
When I was around fifteen I became obsessed with waistcoats. Whether they were tailored suit ones, embroidered lace ones, or simply denim ones, I just had a weakness for them. To this day I still have the same collection of waistcoats I had when I was sixteen(ish), and to this day my favourite one would have to be my black military front, tailed back one that I bought in Zara around five years ago (I know that because I bought it the year I did my junior cert…madness.) I don’t think I’ll ever be able to bring myself to get rid of it because, one: it still fits me pretty perfectly, and two: nice waistcoats are awfully hard to come by. Obviously the colour isn’t so black anymore, and it doesn’t exactly look as fresh as it did all those years ago, but I still think it looks as good in an outfit as much as it used to when I first purchased it. Soooo, I’m breaking it out once again for this Christmas. In my opinion, Mixing the old in with the new is the only way to make an outfit truly unique.

Red & Gold
No matter where you’re going, who you’re with or what exactly you’re doing, accessories will always be the most important part of an outfit. They can change a plain boring outfit into a masterpiece, they can make a block colour ensemblé pop and they can change your work outfit into party perfection in minutes. So when it comes to your Christmas outfit you mustn’t be afraid to jazz it up! Whether you go simple like myself or bold like a large majority of people, you must make sure that you choose wisely and coordinate classily. Since I’m going for a ‘raving red’ theme this festive season (I don’t know why I just said that, but hey I’ma go with it!) I’ve decided to stick to it by pairing my red quilted, gold chain bag from Primark to stash my stuff, go for gold with my jewelry to subtly break all the red up, and then top it off with a bold red lip courtesy of Blake Lively’s L’oreal exclusive collection, lipstick.

I’ll be more than likely uploading a photo of my Christmas outfit on my Instagram on the day as I do love taking ‘Outfit of the Day’ shots on a regular basis, so hopefully the finished product will get your seal of approval. I just cannot wait for this week to well and truly begin, because Christmas is definitely my favourite time of the whole year. Well Christmas Eve anyways!!!
I’ll be trying my best to blog more often over the Christmas break, but I’ve a feeling I won’t get another post in before the actual festivity itself. Sooo I wish you all an incredibly Merry Christmas, a funfilled St Stephens night and hopefully an amazing New Year.

Stylishly yours,



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  1. Arielle says:

    I love red, especially for Autumn/Winter. It is such a gorgeous colour to add a classic pop to any outfit ❤


    1. hannahheww says:

      Isn’t it? It has to be my favourite colour when it comes to my wardrobe!


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