Flying Fantasies

In August 1995 (only two months after I was born, might I add) a fashion show was held at the iconic Plaza Hotel in NYC, which was introduced by model of the moment, Stephanie Seymour. Ever since then the show has become an annual event usually held in NYC at the beginning of December to encourage lingerie purchases as a Christmas gift. However this year things were hugely different as, for the first time ever, it was held in Englands capital, London. Of course I’m talking about…
Ever since I became hugely engrossed in the world of fashion and style, this show has always been a massive favourite of mine. I don’t know whether it’s because the models were always very down-to-earth, smart women, or if it was the idea of bright, bold undies being considered as cool, or whether it was just because of the overall show itself, but whatever it is I love it. This year was certainly no different in that regards. I know that not many of you know about the show itself, or think that it’s just a show full of pretty, slim women strutting around in their undies, so after this post I hope that you’ll have a much clearer view of the whole event.

Favourite VS Angels:
Every year there is a new face embracing the runway for this famous brand, but as I’m an avid follower of this show every year I have a habit of looking out for my favourite few. I don’t know why but these five girls are currently (and have been for the past few years) my favourite angels. I don’t know whether it’s because they all have such infectious personalities, or whether it’s because they’re not afraid to admit they eat like a normal girl (they just have insane fitness regimes!), or if it’s because I just like these girls’ style, but whatever it is that they’re doing, they’re doing it pretty damn good. I know I should be mentioning Heidi Klum, but that woman is an a whoooole other league of her own.
Karlie Kloss (She’s never afraid to break out that beautiful smile of hers…)
Candice Swanepoel (She’s just so beautiful…)
Doutzen Kroes (How this woman has had two kids is beyond me…)
Adriana Lima (Her laugh is just too infectious to resist…)
Jordan Dunn (She never looks bad on any runway…)

London Baby

Since the models and many famous fashion bloggers documented their every move from when they received their personalised boarding passes, to when they embarked the private jet, to opening their in-flight goodie bag, to the following press day, to the show itself, I couldn’t help but show you their photos. I’m just utterly envious of everyone who got the chance to be apart of this years Show and who got to spend their time embracing every VS related moment along with the Angels themselves, in one of the fashion capitals of the world.
What girl, or guy, in their right mind wouldn’t be jealous of them?

The show itself took place on Tuesday the 2nd of December in London’s Earl Court just a few minutes after eight o’clock, and at the time I had my laptop perched on my lap eagerly staring at the screen, constantly clicking the refresh icon on Twitter and Instagram for instant updates (thank god for GQ and it’s live coverage). Usually I’m most excited for who’s sitting front row at fashion shows, but with VS I’m always more intrigued by the models and their ensemblés. So when I saw photos flooding in of who walked the pink carpet (and who wore white or black), I wasn’t too pushed on taking a nosey as I was just waiting for eight to hit on the clock. Also a large majority of the after-party outfits were more worth waiting for…Candice Swanepoel’s sheer lace figure-hugging gown anyone?

Before I start rambling on about the actual show itself, I can’t go through this post without mentioning the artists that were given the privilege to sing during the show as the models walked the runway. Since Taylor Swift was such a hit at last years VS show, they couldn’t resist bringing her back to promote her new song (and album) “Blank Space”. As most of you know I’m not a huge fan of Ms Swift but I have to admit she did look beautiful, and blended in perfectly with the show.
As they always tend to choose four well-known musicians, she wasn’t the only one that provided the beat for the models. Upcoming Irish musician Hozier and one of my favourites Ed Sheeran, were also chosen for this years show. When I first heard the line-up for this show a few months ago I was quite intrigued by their choices, and after seeing short videos from the show, I was pretty disappointed. I adore Mr Sheeran but I personally think himself and Hozier weren’t the best choices for the show as they weren’t upbeat or lively, and didn’t exactly portray the usual fun attitude that most musicians have when they play during this iconic show. I hope that when I watch the show fully next week that I’ll have a different opinion, but I’ve a feeling I won’t…     However, Ariana Grande on the other hand was possibly the most perfect artist for this show. She wasn’t afraid to dance around with the models, didn’t hide her personality on stage, looked gorgeous, and sang amazingly. This show has certainly boosted her status for the new year ahead.

The Angels of 2014
As soon as eight struck the clock, I was like a child running down the stairs on Christmas morning. When the show starts, I’m always a little bit worried that it won’t live up to my expectations but this year it certainly didn’t disappoint. I’m going to let the outfit images from the show speak for themselves…

Fantasy Bras (which are worth $2 million each)

Gilded (“golden”) Angels

University of (“fluffy sportswear”) Pink

Exotic Traveler (hands down, my favourite theme of the night!)

Fairy Tale and Dream Girl (both sections were awfully similar, both being pale and fantasy-like.)


Angel (“black lace”) Ball 

I hope that after reading this post you’ll be more intrigued and want to watch the actual show next week on Tuesday 9th of December online on CBS, just like I’ll be doing. Even though I adore watching the couture collections during Paris fashion week, this show will always be one of my ultimate favourites. 
Maybe one day I’ll become best friends with one of the angels and just be a regular appearance at the show every year…One day…

Stylishly yours,



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