Sequin Tastic

If Lady Gaga can change the world with sequins and pearls, why can’t you change your wardrobe in the exact same way? Every Christmas sequins come into trend, but this year I think that sequins are a must have for any winter wardrobe. I’m going to be honest and say that I was never too keen on sequined pieces as I always found it frustrating when they caught onto every thread that was within arms length. Sequins were once only found on the hem of a Halloween costume or as an embellishment on a handbag, whereas nowadays anything that can be worn, can be found covered in sequins. Who knew that little metal discs made only in the Mediterranean and Middle East for centuries, would be transformed into plastic discs that could change a plain piece of fabric into a cushioned disco ball.
Whether you want to go brave with statement sequined clothing items, or whether you just want to go subtle with a little glitzy embellishment, it’s really up to yourself. Instead of ranting like I always do, I’m just going to do a simple, short breakdown of each trend and just let you get your own idea and inspiration from the photos I post. Hopefully after this post you’ll be dying to go shopping for nothing but glitz and glamour.Sequined handbags

Would you be brave enough to carry around the Sicily D&G tote bag, a Miu Miu sequined satchel, or would you prefer an embellished McQueen clutch? Thanks to the genius British high-street there are a huge choice of eye catching lookalikes, from River Island bejeweled clutch, Topshops khaki sequinned tote or Oasis’ sequinned box clutch. Nothing like making everyone believe you’ve got a designer handbag right? If it was me, I think I’d prefer to stick to a simple sequin adorned clutch. Then again, If I saw a girl walk past with that Miu Miu satchel I bet I’d be incredibly jealous and have a sudden urge to beg her for a loan of it.
  Clifden Box Clutch
Follow the yellow brick road 
If Dorothy can wear sequinned shoes and still find her way safely home, then why don’t you take the chance to glitz up your toes. If only we could afford Christian Louboutin pumps, Prada bow flats or even the on-trend Jeffery Campbell Lita boots. As nice as they are though, I bet more girls my age would prefer to splurge on the killer sequin heels from Asos, simple flats from A-wear or sequin designed black heels from Dune. Whatever the price tag is, once you co-ordinate them well, you’ll be able to pull them off.
Image 1 of Black Secret Sequin ShoeDisco ball jumper
Many of you girls would love to be in a girl band like Mollie King, a popstar just like a Cher Loyld or even a talented actress like Blake Lively, so why not take a step closer and dress like them first? These girls have a love for cosy, baggy jumpers, but aren’t afraid to glam up their knits and gate something with a bit of added sparkle. From fully sequinned jumpers to jumpers with just a simple sequin print on the front, there are many options out there. However I think nobody pulls off sequin jumpers like street style fashionistas. They seem to make them look so easily effortless, that it actually hurts.

Glitzed up blazers
There’s something I absolutely adore about blazers. I love how you can make an incredibly plain outfit “pop” with a bright blazer, or how you can turn a casual tee and jeans ensemblé into a party outfit with a sequin blazer. There are tonnes of celebrities that have embraced the sequin blazer trend, but I loved the simplicity of Shenae Grimes and Anna-Sophia Robbs outfits along with the boldness of Rita Oras designer blazer. Will you go bold and brave, or simple and classic?

Crop it
I have to admit that I, myself don’t like crop tops. Half of the reason why is because my stomach/midriff is far from skinny and toned, while the other half is because I’d just find them hard to wear. Now I must say that when girls wear crop tops and high waist skirts, pants or shorts, they always look really good. It’s just when girls wear crop tops with low rise ends and leave nothing to the imagination, that’s when I get annoyed and wish that the whole trend didn’t exist. Then again if you can pull of a sequin crop top with edge and confidence, I’ll have a hell of a lot of respect for you, and will more than likely be 90% jealous of you.

Sequin pants
This is certainly one that can only be pulled off by a rare handful of women. It’s one item of clothing that I’d love to secretly have in my wardrobe and just wear one time to see the reaction from people. Sequin pants are an incredibly statement piece of clothing, but if worn with all simple accessories of the one colour, then you’d be surprised how you could pull it off with a little confidence. If all these girls can brave it, why can’t you follow in their high heeled footsteps?

A skirt won’t hurt
One thing I’ve promised myself and my fellow fashion obsessed friend Ailise, is to get a sequin piece of clothing and the more I look around the more I want a sequin skirt. Whether I want a short one, midi one or even a maxi one, I don’t know. All I’m certain about is that if I wear a sequin skirt on a night out, there’ll be no stopping me. Ailise and I had a whole chat about how you could wear one, and I couldn’t agree more with her idea to pair one with a plain black, lace collared top and simple black patent heels. If only we could afford to add a Celine luggage tote to that ensemblé, or for the skirt to be a Burberry creation like Emma Stones one.

Sequin shorts
No matter what colour, style or figure you have, I can guarantee that you’ll find a pair of sequin shorts to suit you. I can also bet that when you wear them, you’ll get atleast one comment saying how nice your bum looks in them. Whether you choose short-short ones, mid-thigh ones, or even three-quarter length ones, it honestly doesn’t matter once you put your own little twist on them and walk in them with your chin held high and shoulders rolled back.

Suit it up
I have such a weakness for playsuits and jumpsuits. I love how easy it is to just pull one on, add accessories and shoes and then you’re ready to go. I also get pretty damn jealous when I see tall girls wearing full jumpsuits and heels, ’cause they always look fantastic. Thanks to Marion Cotillard, I love sequined ones. I know many have fallen for this trend, but for some reason I just love the simplicity and uniqueness of her dark grey bodice one.

Belle of the ball
I don’t think I can say anything else other than, wear a sequin dress and make them speechless.

I hope that after scanning through this post I’ve encouraged you to go hit the shops and find something that’ll reflect the lights, catch your eye and maybe even catch other peoples eyes…

Stylishly yours,


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  1. Arielle says:

    Sequins are so gorgeous! I am thinking of wearing a sequin dress for NYE 🙂 I love your blog by the way, your posts are all so beautiful! ❤ 🙂


    1. hannahheww says:

      Awww thank you so so much for your lovely words! Ooh really? Sequin dresses are to die for when you find a gorgeous one!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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