If you’re like me and can’t get out of bed until you check the latest celebrity news and gossip, then I can guarantee this is one girl that you know of awfully well. She first came onto our screens as a seductive shapeshifter, then became the heroic sister which then followed onto an Oscar winning performance as a troubled woman, which have all only been the beginning of an insanely successful career. Jennifer Lawrence has been the name rolling off many jealous girls tongues ever since she burst onto the scene, and I have to admit that I’m one of those girls. She’s an incredibly talented actress, who has impeccable style, an amazing body and a personality that is highly infectious, so how could you not love J-Law? She’s probably the only girl that’s ever made an Oscar-stumble look graceful, and possibly the only celebrity to confidently laugh off nude photos, which both alone deserve a huge amount of respect, especially since she’s only just twenty-four years old.

Since the third installment of the Hunger Games series is coming to our screens soon, I decided to do a post about this beautiful woman and her impeccable style. Whether she’s trying through the airport incognito, strolling hand in hand with her then-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, or strutting the red carpet, she always seems to look flawless but yet normal all the same. She is a huge influence to young girls today because of her down-to-earth style, her relatable personality and her complete and utter clumsiness, which all add up to her being such a beautiful, lovable girl. 

Casual Fridays
When Ms Lawrence is spotted going about her daily duties, she has a habit of merging on-trend fashion with comfort clothing, which is one thing I can never seem to manage myself. Whether she’s hiding her bad hair day with shades and a fedora, embracing the sunshine in a maxi skirt or simple strolling through the streets in skinny jeans, J-Law always seems to look good. I just love how she hasn’t let the world of Hollywood change her laid-back, effortless style.
Attractive Arrivals
Everyday Essentials

Holding hands with Hoult
Red Carpet Raven
When she hits the red carpet there’s a high chance that she’ll be wearing Dior because of her recent endorsement contract with the brand, or she’ll more than likely be wearing a vibrant shade of red. Whatever she wears she always looks absolutely stunning even when she stumbles up the steps of the stage, or clumsily rips her gown, she just has a habit of looking genuinely gorgeous. She has worn some dresses that I couldn’t imagine anyone pulling off, but for some reason she does without any problems whatsoever. All she has to do is throw on a designer gown, add a minimal amount of accessories and flash that beautiful smile of hers, and she’s got herself an award winning ensemblé.
Oscar Opulence
Pretty Premieres

Short and Sophisticated

Whether you’re a fashion addict like myself, a lover of the Hunger Games or someone that has a thing for gorgeous girls, I’ve a feeling that Jennifer Lawrence has popped up on your radar more than once.

Stylishly yours,


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