Shoes blues

“Behind every successful woman, is a fabulous pair of shoes.” 

Whether you’re a typical tomboy or the ultimate girly-girl, I can guarantee that when you were a little girl you couldn’t help but slip your tiny feet into a pair of your mom’s heels and stumble around the house clumsily attempting to walk in them. While now you’re more-than-likely at the age where heels are almost a necessity in your wardrobe, and some of you are probably in the same as boat as me and want many, many pairs of heels. When I was a little girl I always thought high heels only came in the one, thin-heeled stiletto style but as I began to grow and became more aware of my love for fashion I noticed that there are various different heel styles available to us. So if you’re a tomboy, that doesn’t mean that you can’t own a pair of heels that are actually easy to walk (and maybe even run) in, which is hopefully something you’ll learn after this post.
No matter who you are, where you live, what you’re style is, or what the main trends are, I can guarantee that there is a pair of heels out there to suit you and your lifestyle. I won’t write too much in this post as I feel that the right pair of shoes will speak for themselves, but if you need any more information or advice on a certain style/pair, don’t be afraid to ask.
Everyday Essentials
Sport Stars (High-top wedges)
Trendy Tomboy (Chunky heeled ankle boots)
Leather and Laced (Laced up over-the-ankle boots)
Party Professionals

Sensible Strutting (Mary-Janes)

Courteous Couture (court shoes)
Stylish Steep (Ankle strap sandals)

Pet Hates

Heavily Heeled (chunky platform shoes)
I hope you found this post useful for updating your shoe closet, and that you now have the urge to go out and rummage through every high street show section for your perfect pair!
Stylishly yours,


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