“Free” Addiction

It may have taken thirteen years to reach fifty million households, but it was certainly worth the wait because no matter how many new platforms that are created online, Television will always be something that people enjoy. However some of us happen to enjoy it more than we should. No matter how much college work I get, or how much things I need to do, I always seem to be able to find time for following one of my favourite TV programmes. Whether you’re a lover of the supernatural, have a guilty pleasure for drama or have an obsession with fashion, I can guarantee there’s a TV Show out there that you’d become addicted to in a heartbeat.


No matter how many TV Shows that are released, my favourite ones always seem to have similar qualities: A bucketload of Fashion, a handful of attractive guys, more than likely located in a large American city (usually New York City) and half of them happen to be focused around the sci-fi/supernatural world. So as I was unsure of what to do this post on, I decided to tell you what my favourite television programmes are, and what ones I really want to start watching.

The ones that never seem to get old…




The ones that brings out my inner geeky child…


The ones that I really need to get into…


My guilty pleasures…


The question is, what TV Shows stole your heart and got you addicted?

Stylishly yours,



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