Get those Gladrags on!

Halloween is that time of year when I go compleltly and utterly blank on creative outfit ideas, hence the reason why I always resort back to my “Home and Away” school uniform. However every time the actual day gets close I always end up regretting not putting effort into my costume and going all out on it. There are so many people that do such a fantastic job on their costumes, whether it’s the outfit itself, the make-up or just the idea in general, there are just some people that are brilliant at it.
In all fairness though, thanks to the music industry today we’ve a huge array of artists that are insanely bold, creative and not afraid to be unique, and they’re pretty much begging to be copied when it comes to fancy dress. So instead of rambling on about what you could wear for Halloween, what you should dress up, what fashionable people you should copy, I’m going to do a post mostly full of images that will hopefully inspire you for this years Halloween (I know it’s today, but hey you could be good at cramming together an awesome outfit in an hour!) or for whenever your next fancy dress party may be. I decided to focus mainly on artists that have been all over the place in 2014, because they’re recent and people will more than likely know them straight away.

Bold is better

Lady Gaga
I’ve been to see this incredible woman in concert twice, and I can guarantee I’ll go see her many more times in the future because I absolutely adore her. She’s probably one of the most influential women of our time, whether it’s in music, fashion or charity work, she’ll certainly go down in 21st century history. I must admit that when I think of dressing up, she’s the first person that comes to mind, from her crazy concert outfits to her red carpet bonanzas to her music video ensemblés, Stefani Germanotta will always be one of the best musicians to dress up when it comes to fancy dress.

Katy Perry
She kissed a girl and she liked it, she’s a bit of a dark house and she really doesn’t care who sees her fireworks. I’m going to be honest, if you don’t get fancy dress influence from this beauty I don’t think you’ll ever have any hope when it comes to Halloween. Ever since I watched ‘California Gurls’, I’ve always wanted to make my own version of her sweet dress, so mentioning Katy Perry in my Halloween post was something I just couldn’t resist. She wears the kind-of outfits that involve cheap fabric clothing, and plenty glue-able things…

Bums the word

Nicki Minaj
When ‘Super Bass’ burst onto the scene everybody was non stop talking about this girl and, of course, her glorious assets. So how could she not be a fun inspiration when it comes to fancy dress. Whether you embrace her pastel pink era, her love of bodycon dresses (you’ll need a good push up bra and padded undies though) or whether you want to be super brave and mock her ‘Anaconda’ video, Ms Minaj is one woman that’d be super fun to be for a night.

Iggy Azalea
She loves to work her ass off, and it’s certainly stood to her because her derriere is the one thing that she’s recognized for. I must admit when I first saw her, I wasn’t exactly fond of her sound, but the more I heard of her the more I started to actually like her. She’s very bold in her style choices, but they certainly do the trick because if I had a body like hers, I’d want to flaunt it just as much. Lets just say if you’ve got a blonde wig, a matching high-waist shorts and crop top set, along with a pair of padded undies, you’ll be Iggy in a flash.

Be as free as your hair

Ariana Grande
She started off as an innocent, normal, red-haired girl, but now she’s supposedly the biggest drama queen in today’s music industry. She may be only 21 but she’s already renowned for her diva qualities, which is something that could be great fun to mock for a night. Her outfits are always similar because they usually consist of short skirts, crop tops, bodycon dresses, 60’s style boots and her trademark high ponytail, so with a bit of stylish thought, she wouldn’t exactly be hard to pull off…

Dressing up as Ke$ha is probably a harder route to go down, but if you’ve a love for bold pastel hair/wigs, not afraid to show off your legs, and a love of an unusual makeup, she’d certainly be a good influence on your Halloween look. I have to admit, if I was brave enough and owned a blonde wig, I’d love to take the chance and dress up as this brave lady.

Songs of 2014

I don’t think these songs need any descriptions, because I’ve a feeling if you’re brave enough to dress up like the girls in these music videos, people will know exactly who you’re trying to be.

Chandelier – Sia

Blurred Lines – Emily Ratajkowski

I know these girls aren’t the easiest to pull off, and when it comes to Halloween money is usually the main problem, but hopefully some of this post has sparked off many creative costume possibilities for you. Once you’ve got confidence and style, you won’t have a problem with any of them.

Stylishly yours,



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