Musical Parenting

One thing that never seems to genuinely change is your music taste, no matter who you meet, where you live or what age you are, the music style you loved when you were a kid is more than likely still the same style you like at the moment. I personally think that most of our music taste has been influenced by the songs and artists that our parents used to, and probably still do, blare around the house. We might’ve hated it when we were little tots but  I can guarantee you’d happily dance around the kitchen to it now, ’cause I know I would.


When I was younger I used to always get annoyed when dad would go relax in our sitting room, turn on his stereo and start playing his favorite artists like Bob Dylan, Tom Waits or Neil Young, whereas now I’d happily go in and join him. I don’t  know when it happened, but there certainly came a time when I was growing up that I stopped listening to my McFly boys and started really listening to what CDs my dad played in the car. Now I find that myself and my dad have insanely similar music taste, and I love it. There have been many road trips spent listening to one of his many Bob Dylan cds, or laughing at how Tom Waits sounds like a drunken idiot, or bopping our heads happily to the latest country music artist, and I loved them. We’ve even been to many concerts just the two of us, from Bob Dylan (which ended up being the first time he ever played my dads favourite song: Forever Young) to Country2Country music festival that had artists like Zac Brown Band, Dierks Bentley and the amazing Dixie Chicks, and both of them were pretty awesome nights.

hannah hannah

I went from being a pop-loving girl that loved listening to nothing but McFly, Sugababes, and any other pop act that were around in the early 2000’s, to being a girl that loves her indie-rock artists like Arctic Monkeys + Miles Kane, to her classic, lyrical genius’ like Bob Dylan + Tom Waits, to her unique indie-style solo artists like Florence Welch + George Ezra, to her (and possibly favourite) Country music beauties like Dixie Chicks + Pistol Annies. Now I must admit, I still have a huge pop addiction and a large array of chart topping songs on my i-pod (thanks to my sister), but if you really wanted to create a kick ass playlist for me you have to fill it with nothing but indie, GAGA and country music because that’s what my musical heart truly beats for. As much as I’m a Mammys girl (well I’m the youngest sibling, so I’m kind-of both) I can’t deny that when it comes to music I’m certainly my Daddys little girl.


Soooo, if anyone ever tells you that you have bad taste in music, or you like silly music, just tell them where to stick it because everyone is different. If a certain song makes you smile, or blaring a particular artist makes you happy, then just go with it. If we were all to like the same music taste, then we’d be a pretty boring bunch of people…

Stylishly yours,



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