Pastel Perfection

I’ve always been a sucker for bright, bold colours, but this season I can’t help but be enticed by the various shades of pastel out there. Whether it’s some girls brave-yet-beautiful hair colour choice, or on a chunky oversized coat or the colour scheme of a wedding, I can’t help but think it’s gorgeous. I think it’s because Pastel shades remind me of sunshine filled summer days, eating ice cream filled wafers and just being carefree and happy, so when I began to saw it everywhere I couldn’t help but smile.

How could this not make you smile?

Now I must admit, I don’t own a single pastel piece of clothing because being pale I always fell that I end up looking insanely washed out and knackered, but then I see that the majority of girls that wear pastel or have pastel hair they’re as pale as a ghost and they look amazing. I know that they’re a hard style to pull off but I think if you like the trend, then you should let nobody stop you. Even though the weather might get glum and dull, doesn’t mean that you should follow in its footsteps.


What do you think of the Pastel look?


Stylishly yours,



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