Fresh Meat

One thing I love about fashion is how it is constantly changing and evolving, whether it’s trends, fabrics or designers. Ever since I began to fall in love with fashion at the tender age of seven, I’ve always had an addiction to finding new, upcoming designers. Whether they’re soon-to-be famous ones (like when I found Manish Arora back in third year of secondary school) or whether they’re bold, foreign genius’. I didn’t know what to talk about during this blog post, so when I began googling around, researching for my next blog post on Red Threads Style, I came across a stunning new designer that I can’t help but admire.
Jean Louis Sabaji, is a Lebanese based designer that has an insane eye for structured layers, three-dimensional florals, and stunning chiffon. I know I should be writing more in this post, but I think the photographs of his designs speak for themselves. He reminds me of an early John Galliano, and of course Carrie Bradshaws white and gold flower one-shoulder dress, from the first Sex and The City movie, and who couldn’t resist that dreamboat of a dress?

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I can’t stop scrolling through this mans website because the gowns are just so irresistible. I know I’m only Nineteen years old, but if I got the chance to wear couture gowns on a regular/monthly/even-yearly basis, I don’t think it’d take me long to decide on whether I’d say yes or not. Oh to be Blair Waldorf….

Stylishly yours,



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