Warm up boys!

October is here and more than likely so is the colder weather. I always find the chillier months much harder to dress for, even though 80% of people I know seem to prefer their winter wardrobe, unlike me who would love to have a year of summer rather than whip out my winter wardrobe. I know you’re probably giggling right now at the thought of a red haired, sunburn prone girl that adores summer, but hey anything can happen! Sadly though winter is only around the corner and we can’t stop it so we may as well wrap up and embrace it. I spoke about the basic, winter must haves this season on this months Fe-Line post, so I decided early on in the week to talk about the guys side of it. I feel like I’ve been neglecting the mans world these days, so this post is going to hear it for the boys, and give the boys a chance (yuuuuuuup, I went there…) 
I know all guys reading this (if there even is any guys reading this) are probably saying “What would she know, shes a girl!” but by spending a whole night analyzing all the menswear sections on popular high street websites, and asking a few male friends for their help, I got a fair idea of what kind-of clothing is ‘in’ for this upcoming season. Instead of rambling on about every possible clothing item that is hanging on the rails of River Island or tucked into the shelf of ASOS’ warehouse, I’ve decided to talk briefly about the most common colours that on-trend guys should be wearing this season, or any of chillier day.

Black will always come back
No matter what menswear trends are in, black will always be a huge part of it no matter what. Whether it’s the safety of a black leather jacket, the practicality of black jeans or the charm of a back shirt, it always seems to be the colour that works for guys. Even though I’m a girl that adores bold colours, I can’t deny that black always looks good on guys, and has an attractive charm to it if the outfit is well put together. Even though all black looks good on girls, I have to be honest and say that it’s not the same for guys, as it needs to be broken up with even a dash of a bright colour, by wearing a coloured t-shirt, or a pair of not-black denim jeans, or if you’re brave enough to wear a bold coloured pair of shoes with a full black outfit. Yes black is good and the safe option, but it shouldn’t be the only colour that exists in your wardrobe.

Burgundy Blues
When it comes to the season where there’s nothing but crunchy leaves beneath my feet, Burgundy has definitely got to be my go to colour and I can never resist a smile when I see a guy wearing it (especially when it comes to suits…). I don’t know why, but I think it’s such a gorgeous colour, especially when it’s a really deep shade, or paired with navy. Now I know you’re probably thinking “great here comes the ramble about wine chinos”, and yeah they’re nice but they’re not the only clothing item that comes in burgundy. I’ve recently come across guys wearing this shade of red as a winter jacket, and I can’t help but love it. It gives life to a bland, all-in-one coloured outfit. I know it seems like a feminine colour, but it’s far from it, all you need is the guts to pull it off. If you’re still not brave enough to embrace this colour, you can always wear it in bursts like through a thick knit scarf on a windy day, or wine converse/vans/hi-tops on a cooler day, it’s certainly not a colour guys should be afraid of.

Nautical Navy
Like black, navy is a pretty safe colour when it comes to mens clothing, but it always works very well with bolder colours. Personally, I think that navy goes better with more colours than black does, on guys. For instance, if you wear a kahki winter coat it’ll co-ordinate with navy jeans better than black, the same goes to burgundy and various other shades of red and orange. It’s also a colour that is insanely easy to swap from winter to summer because navy jeans/chinos, are everywhere no matter what the weather.

Green Lantern
No matter how many colours I wear, Green will always be my favourite. I think it’s because my birthstone is Emerald, so I’ve always had a soft spot for that shade of green, whether it’s in clothes, in jewelry or even in eyes, I always adored the colour. Soo when I noticed that dark emerald green was the colour of this season, I couldn’t help but want to see it everywhere from my wardrobe and maybe even to my boyfriends (but that might be wishing a little too much). Along with Emerald green, Khaki is also a huge colour when it comes to A/W. It’s mainly popular in jackets such as Parkas and the very on-trend Peacoat, but many high street shops love this shade when it comes to trousers. In general, Green can be a difficult colour to wear, but I’ve seen various fashionable men pull it off effortlessly and they don’t look one bit out of place. The question is, would you be able to brave it and follow in their footsteps?

Glorious Grey
Grey, yet again another safe colour, but one that’s much brighter and, for some reason, one not many guys seem to wear. From tweed winter coats to denim jackets, from jeans to combats, and from army boots to trainers, Grey is one colour that isn’t one bit hard to find when it comes to clothes shopping. Now one thing I can’t stress enough is that Grey should never, and I mean never be worn as a full outfit, it’s nearly as big a fashion faux pas as “crocs and socks“, but if you pair it with black, it makes one hell of an attractive outfit on guys.

Rainbow Brights
Bright colours seem to be as scary to guys, as spiders are to girls. I have no idea why because a hint of a bold colour can change a whole outfit in a second, but thanks to society, guys think that wearing colour is ‘stupid’ and that people will look at them differently. However, I’ve learned recently that when people look at you differently, you should take it as a compliment that they’ve took time out to stop and stare at you instead of anyone else. If you feel happy and confident in what you’re wearing, you shouldn’t let anyone tell you not to wear it. Colour is, and always will be, a good thing when it comes to fashion. I know that the outfits below are not for the faint hearted men, but no harm in being influence by their boldness.

I hope that this post has helped any of you guys that are a bit lost when it comes to colours and coordinating, but just don’t forget that you can wear any colour, clothing item, trend, if you really want to all you have to do is have a smile on your face, your shoulders rolled back, your head held high, and ooze confidence and charm. Trust me, nothing is more attractive than a well-dressed, happy, smiling guy that is confident in himself…Stylishly yours,




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