Classy coordinates.

Ever since I was a child I absolutely hated the idea of Summer coming to an end. The thoughts of the days getting shorter, the darkness beginning earlier and the joys of school beginning all over again. Even though I’m not so much a child anymore, I still have the exact same attitude towards the end of the sunshine filled season. It’s not that I detest winter, it’s more that I hate knowing that I’ve to worry about layering up as soon as I step outside my house in-case I catch a cold or something along those lines. Whereas with Summer I never have to worry about choosing a coat to match my outfit, or pairing tights with one of my pretty party dresses, or even having to choose thick laced-up boots instead of intricately detailed sandals for my feet. And this Winter is absolutely no different, especially since I’m personally not very fond of the incoming A/W trends. However there’s been one trend that I’ve been very intrigued by, and that is, co-ordinates.

I know you’re probably asking yourself “What exactly are co-ordinates?”, but after this post I think you’ll have a fair idea.
Red Carpets were once the sacred ground for nothing but impeccably tailored suits, fitted dresses and statement ballgowns, however recently there’s been a huge change thanks to the toned-tummied, female celebrities that can’t help but show off their midriff with a matching crop top and skirt combination. When I first saw this trend appearing on the red carpet I got annoyed by it because I have a strong dislike for crop tops and the idea of showing a lot of skin (well the stomach area) kind-of terrifies me. As the Summer months went by, I became more fond of the idea. There’s various different styles of co-ordinates, with some that I really don’t like and others that I can’t help but want in every pattern. The question is, which style would you prefer?

Bralet Beauties
I’m going to be honest and say that this is my least favourite co-ordinate/crop-top style because I don’t like the idea of wearing a top that’s similar to a bra as outerwear, along with slim fitting skirts. I also think that my dislike for this trend is 50% personal distaste, and 50% jealousy because you have to be small chested to pull them off stylishly. I’ve seen many girls wear them on nights out, but instead of making themselves look high fashion and sexy, they just end up looking slutty and pretty tacky. Which is honestly why I never liked the trend when it first began. However the more I saw gorgeous women like Chrissy Teigen, Katy Perry and Pretty Little Liar’s Shay Mitchell, wear them while oozing class, and style, I couldn’t help but grow to like the trend.

Maxi Crop
If you know me well, then you’ll know that I’ve always hated crop tops because I know, deep down, that I’ve no hope in pulling them off successfully. There’s been many times that I’ve strolled through high street shops like Pennys/Primark, Topshop and River Island, and not bought a single thing because everything on the rails is either cropped, body-con or cutaway in revealing places. However when the trend began of pairing a crop top with a floor-skimming maxi skirt, I let curiosity get the better of me. The idea of baring your midriff is scary to me, but when it’s paired with a full-length skirt, how could you not feel confident in yourself. Whether you embrace a gypsy lace combination like Miley Cyrus back in the good ‘aul days, bold colours at a red carpet event like Nicole Richie, or a casual laid back look like a ‘TOWIE’ girl, you can easily pull this trend off without looking one bit slutty.

Having a blooming good time! Lauren Pope flashed her midriff as she walked through New York City on Sunday before heading to business meetings

High Waist? High fashion!
This is probably the only way you’d ever see me wearing a crop top, and possibly the nicest way to wear one too. The idea of this look is to pair a patterned, loose-but-structured crop top with a matching high waist, a-line skirt, so the skirt sits comfortably under the crop top. I quite like this look because you only get to see a glimpse of your midriff when you’re dancing and reaching your hands towards the ceiling/sky. Many stylish women have embraced this trend and pulled it off effortlessly and as flawless as always. Whether you’re a bit of a try hard like Gwyneth Paltrow, a constantly fashionable mother like Zoe Saldana, or a blogger/actress like Ashley Madawke, this would certainly be a perfect way for you to join the crop top army this season.

Not for the faint hearted…
The thoughts of matching a crop top with a full length pants is probably much more daunting than co-coordinating top and skirt, and since many women find jumpsuits scary than this certainly won’t be for the faint hearted. Then again, if you’ve got confidence and aren’t afraid to take the chance with fashion, then why not? All you need is either a simple pair of gladiator sandals or heels, along with a neutral handbag and statement necklace, and you’re ready to go and show everyone who’s boss. Whether you go for a bold patterned set like Selena Gomez, a mismatched set like Nicole Richie, or a simple block colour style like upcoming ‘Disney star‘ Bella Thorne, there’s no harm in giving the trend ago.


Who likes short shorts?
Wearing a crop top with a matching pair of shorts is probably the funnest and cutest way to pull off the over-used trend known as crop tops. Lets just say if you like playsuits, and are tempted by the idea of showing a little skin around your waist, then this is certainly the look for you. Now I know that coming into the winter, you really don’t want to wear shorts and bare your skin, but you could still embrace this look on a night out or even “chunk it up” during the day with a pair of coordinating tights, a thick knit cardigan and a chunky long beads. When it comes to bringing summer outfits into the winter months, there really is no excuse once you can layer it up! There have been various famous faces to embrace this trend over the summer, but just because you haven’t seen the winter version of it, doesn’t mean you can’t try it?

So whether you have a fear and slight hatred for crop tops like myself, a bit curious about them and just lack the confidence to wear them, or whether you jump at the chance to wear one, now you know that there are a large array of ways to wear them, and if you match it to a pair of shorts, trousers, body-con skirt, a-line skirt or a maxi, I can guarantee you’ll turn various heads without looking one bit tacky. Also, if you’re afraid that you’re too slim or too curvy to wear one, don’t be because with a dash of confidence and a the right fitting top, there’s no excuse for you to avoid this scary trend.
Heck, maybe I’ll even take the chance and follow in Beyoncé, Katy Perry or even Lily Collins glorious footsteps, and embrace this trend with open, scarily shy, arms. So if I can do it, there’s no way in hell that you girls can’t.

Stylishly yours,



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