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While a large majority of people were spending the weekend before last at the iconic Glastonbury festival, or sunbathing on their local beach, or lucky enough to have spent it exploring the streets of a foreign city, I was up in Dublin trying on every dress you could possibly imagine. Now you’re probably wondering why I was trying on various dresses, and don’t worry I had a perfectly good, sane, reason for it. For the last few months my family and I have been doing nothing but googling everything and anything wedding related as my eldest Sister is getting married next April, 2015. We’ve always been a family that have loved weddings, whether it’s getting up early to watch Kate Middleton marry her Prince, or buy every issue of Hello that had a celebrity wedding spread, or even if it’s simply just slowing down when passing a bridal shop window No matter what it is, we were never ashamed to excitedly talk about weddings (well mainly wedding gowns), even if we were only children.

So when my sister came home we decided to spend a whole day in search of the perfect bridesmaid dresses, but little did we know about how many styles, colours, shapes and lengths that actually existed when it came to dresses. I honestly didn’t think that I would end up trying on so many dresses that didn’t suit me, so I can’t imagine how women feel when they’re trying to find their actual wedding gown. It was a pretty daunting experience, but it was full of fun, giggles and plenty of mocking laughter, because trust me there are soooo many dresses that looked beyond atrocious on me. However even though I tried on a large amount of dresses, I still absolutely adored the chance to try on all the different style gowns, so when I realized that Couture Fashion Week had started I couldn’t resist writing a post on nothing but designer, heavenly dresses that I wish I could afford without winning the lotto.
I’m not going to rant too much, I’m just going to post my top five favourite couture shows (in no particular order) and see if you agree with how stunning these one-of-a-kind gowns are.

Giambattista Valli

The show itself may have started off with bland pinstripe shirt dresses and nautical striped midis, however as soon as the colour was introduced and the floral embellishment began, the show evolved. I know I have a weakness for short, structured dresses with tulle underlay skirts, but how could any girl be able to resist them. I also love the contrast between simple, plain floor length gowns, to flower embroidered bodices, to the unforgettable four finale dresses that literally took my breath away. I’ve always loved tye-dye so seeing it in a half feather covered, half casual shirt, dress made me want to have it hanging on a mannequin in my house.

Armani Privé

Armani is renowned for its high class, elegant style and this years couture show certainly didn’t let that reputation fall. Similar to the Giambattista Valli collection, it started off quite bland with various simple trouser suits and statement coat/cape combinations, but as soon as they brought in the bold polka dot lace fabric (which I’m 90% sure is officially known as ‘shower of hail’ fabric) the collection took a stunning turn. The constant use of red and monochrome is beautiful and made the pieces more appealing to the general fashion society. Even though the use of over-the-top veils and the overdose of layered tulle mini dresses is a bit too overwhelming, the final sixteen dresses were just too gorgeous to hate. I never thought red and black on a dress would work, but after seeing this collection it makes me want to wear a plain LBD and just cover it in red lace.

Ulyana Sergeenko

I’m going to be honest and say that I had never heard of this designer until I saw the images from her couture collection this fall, and now I’m certainly going to keep an eye on her future collections. This show reminded me of a mix between an early figure obsessed Jean Paul Gautier, a dash of the cartoon Betty Boop and a hint of the women from Mad Men. I know that sounds insanely random, but I think after seeing a few images from the show you’ll understand exactly what I’m trying to say. The array of structured shoulder detail, fitted silk bodices and unusual necklines makes me envy every woman that can afford to wear one of these gowns for a night.

Christian Dior

If you’re a regular reader of this blog or my twitter, there’s a high chance that you already know my obsession with everything Dior, and yes I was one of those girls that got annoyed they sacked John Galliano, even if he did make a rude comment. I must admit that their recent shows haven’t been upto to their usual, stunning standard, but this couture collection has certainly brought the brand back on the map. Okay so there may be a bit too much black, and a too many trouser ensemblés, but the bursts of pastel, the opening white well-structured gowns and heavily detailed dresses would be much too hard to resist if it was on display in a shop window. I also adore the pairing of pale neutral clothing with bold primary coloured ankle boots, nothing seems to beat bright accessories when trying to put your own twist on an outfit.

Victor & Rolf

Let’s just say if you hate the colour red and 3D bows, you might want to look away right about…now. I don’t know why I like this collection so much because I absolutely love loads of different colours, shapes and styles, whereas this collection is all the done in only two shades of red, along with the same velvet fabric and every single dress has a bow design on it. As soon as I saw the images from the show I just fell in love with the simple idea, yet how the overall collection comes across bold and far from subtle, then again that’s kind-of how you’d describe Victor and Rolf in general. Now I know a lot of the dresses look like either a towel wrapped around the model, or giraffe inspired, but hey, who said fashion couldn’t look comfortable?

I know there are many more couture shows to come over the next few weeks, but I think this is certainly a good way to start off the Couture Fashion ‘Week’. Oh I’m also sorry for rambling at the start about weddings and bridesmaids shopping, but I thought it’d be a good lead into couture because whether the dress is from Coast or Chanel, there’s always a little bit inside of you that hopes nobody else will have it, which is the attitude we had when searching for bridesmaid dresses.

Stylishly yours,



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