Festival Fever

Is it just me, or is this summer going incredibly fast? We spend the whole year counting down the days until the first official day of Summer. I don’t know what it is about this season that we love, but nobody is afraid to admit it’s their favourite season. Whether it’s the chance of sunshine, the excuse to wear shorts and sandals, or just the idea of long, bright days, we just can’t seem to get enough of the three months of May, June & July that us Europeans call Summer. We hope that our days will be full of sunbathing and swimming, along with nights full of campfires and stargazing, however some lucky people get to spend a large amount of their summer dancing, singing and smiling along to their favourite musicians at world renowned festivals. I’m not jealous at all…
Then again, I can’t say much because on the 12th of July I’m going to Marlay Park in Dublin to see a headlining act that I’ve been dying to see for years, Arctic Monkeys. If you know me well, or at least read this blog regularly, you’ll know that I have a weakness for guys that embrace the style that Alex Turner is bringing back. I also cannot wait to see Jake Bugg, because I couldn’t get enough of his Glastonbury set last year, and the other support act Miles Kane (once Mr Turner doesn’t bring him on stage and sing 505…yet a-bloody-gain!) There is nothing better than seeing artists do what they do best, and when it comes to music, if a musician can’t put on a good live show then he’s not much of a musician after all.

Excited is an understatement.

However no matter how much fun festivals and concerts are, one thing that us fashion-conscious women stress about is what to wear on the day or what to bring for the weekend. I don’t know why, but packing for festivals is just as bad as packing for a holiday. We have to consider what the weather may be like, what other girls will be wearing (some of us want to be different from the rest), what’s practical for various activities, and of course what we can actually fit in the bag, along with food and our stacks of unnecessary beauty products. We all hope for sunny weather so we can bring nothing but floral prints, short-shorts, mini dresses, smock tops and a glorious array of flower headbands, however for us Irish and British girls there’s a high chance that we won’t be that lucky. Thanks to the glorious, constantly unpredictable, Irish weather we can never depend on a straight weekend of sunshine as the heavens could open as soon as we set up our tents. However I’m going to be incredibly optimistic and give you a low down on what your 2014 festival wardrobe should resemble IF we’re lucky enough to have a weekend of straight sunshine and rock splitting heat.

Feet First
Rain, rain, rain…
When it comes to festivals, there’s nothing worse than seeing a weather prediction full of nothing but rain, wind and just dreadful weather and no matter how many clothes you want to bring, your feet should always come first. If you’ve ever been camping, you’re probably well used to hearing the phrase “bring plenty clean, dry socks”, so you’ll probably laugh when I say that they couldn’t be more right. When it comes to muddy, damp weather dry socks (and plastic bags over them if you forgot an extra pair of shoes!) are absolute necessities. Along with those socks though you have to be smart when choosing correct footwear, now I know many guys and gals just bring a pair of wellies and leave it at that, but thanks to ever changing trends, there are a much wider choice of actually stylish,”waterproof” shoes that can be worn when tearing through the mud ridden fields.

Fun in the sun…
When it comes to open air concerts or festivals, there’s nothing better than spending half of it with the sun beating down your backs (well once you’re covered in sun-cream anyways!) Thankfully summer footwear is something that is so simple, yet so much fun. I love going for the boldest, edgiest sandals and pairing them with bare legs and simple denim shorts. Why not brave it?

Cover up kids
Jump on it
Whether it’s torrential rain or burning sunshine, nothing suits festival weather more than shorts. Whether it’s denim, leather, suede or just plain cotton, they work in any weather with any kindof rain mac and wellies combo, or a kimono and gladiator sandals. However I’m not going to ramble on about them because they’re the ‘aul reliables, what I’m going to talk about is jumpsuits and playsuits. I’ve mentioned my love for these one pieces in many previous posts, and if you follow me on Instagram you know that I have my fair share of them. I think that these would be perfect for your festival wardrobe. Whether you wear them with wellies and a poncho, or flats and a chunky necklace, or even just a baggy jumper and converse, they go with everything and anything. How could you not love them?

This is one item that I think every festival goer girl should bring. As well as being insanely comfy and easy to wear, it also is insanely handy to pack because it can be rolled up and squished into a bag so easily. Whether you throw it on over a thick knit jumper, a crop top or a band tee, along with bare legs or thick knee socks and wellies, it’s just such a simple outfit and can be worn pretty much all weekend with just a different top. Easy peasey, lemon squeezy.

Who said fashion couldn’t be cosy?
Comfy Cardi 
One thing that people absolutely love about festivals is that no matter what time it is, or how dark it gets, the party just never seems to ends. However along with darkness, comes coolness and sadly 90% of us women are absolute perishers. We love sunshine and heat, but we seem to absolutely hate cold, so we always have to prepare for the midnight chill. Now I know some of you lucky girls have boyfriends that you could steal a hoodie from, but there are a large majority of women that don’t and need to stock up on warm outerwear and I think that there’s nothing better than a simple knitted cardigan. Whether you go for thin fabric ones that are cropped, or thick knit ones that go past your bum, if they match and keep you warm, then why not?

Go Kimono, Go!
There’s nothing I can really say about these because they’re absolutely everywhere at the moment, and everyone who is anyone is wearing them so you an either embrace the trend or ignore them in every single shop, but honestly I think that they’re worth the chance. You can wear them over a playsuit, or dungarees, or a tee and shorts, or even over a swimsuit, they’re such a simple piece that can make a plain outfit look amazing.

Accessorize all the way
Flower power
Okay, Okay don’t kill me. I know you’re probably absolutely sick of me talking about flowers and anything floral, but when it comes to concerts and festivals there’s nothing that suits them more than a flower headband. Whether you’re the brave type that wears a huge rose covered hairband, or the subtle type like me that wears a headband with simple daisies, or if you’re the crazy type that loves cat ear ones, anything goes if you’re at a festival. It’s insanely easy to find simple ones, but its incredibly hard to find decent, bold, brightly coloured one. However my friend (and future famous designer) Niamh Simpson designs and creates her own range of flower headbands and they’re just incredible. She recently did a photoshoot with three gorgeous girls wearing her designs , and it looked brilliant. Ever since I first met Niamh, I knew she had a huge creative talent, and looking at the photos below, you can’t say that she doesn’t!

Hats off ladies
Whether you’re a trilby lover like myself, a wide brim hat adorer like my sister, or a girl that loves creating vintage style ones like Niamh (the girl I mentioned above), any of them work at a festival. Hats are the best invention at concerts for scorching sunny weather as they keep our faces shaded and save them from getting sunburnt. Now I know hats aren’t everybody’s thing, and many girls hate them because they flatten their hair, but if you’re heading to a festival you might want to consider sneaking one in your luggage.

I hope that this post has helped all you girls get organised for the upcoming festival season, but if it hasn’t don’t be afraid to drop me a message, comment or e-mail, anytime, anywhere. I’d love to hear what you guys think about everything, and if any of you are at Glastonbury at the moment, or went to Coachella, or are heading to any sort of festival…I hate you because I’m insanely jealous of you.

Stylishly Yours,



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